Libya, Lockerbie, Scotland, Kenny whatsit and Brown…well, there you go

David Davis

(Oh, and a thought – why ought a place like Libya – bursting at the seams with oil so it is said, and with practically no people at all – need “secret police” or “agents” of the same?)

I am slightly amused, and also I think enlightened a bit, by the goings-on in the Scottish Parliament over this sad and rather unexciting but important affair. I may as well now refer to it as The Scottish Government, for the Union is dead in all but name. Not in the way I would have wished it to be put to bed either.

You can understand the indignance of ordinary Scottish people, who can’t be expected to view terrorism in any other light different from the way English or Americans view it. Why should they? And so their Parliament should reflect it. After all, if you consider nothing else, the flaming bits of blood-spattered-ironmongery fell on their blasted houses for God’s sake. The allegation that “Scotland’s reputation has been damaged for years to come” is perhaps emotionally an initial response, but you can see what the poor buggers mean.

Nazis (which is to say, all the observed classes of GramscoFabians) of course being what they are, dirty deals could well have been done in Westminster by Brown and his Junta, behind even the backs of the SNP in the Scottish Parliament (Nazis, all being lefties by definition, have no ultimate regard for “Teh Peepull” or even for “Teh Views of Teh Peepul’s Prep-presentatives” – whether those of its Reich or of any of its dependencies or GeneralAmte.)

Let is suppose for a moment that this sad event had occurred in the skies over a Libertarian Polity – whether or not “allied” to the USA, the home country of the affected airline, is of course important too. For the record, here, now, I don’t think the USA actually has ever had in its short life “allies” in the sense that Europeans, even Atlanticist ones like us, view “allies” – it has only “had” other nations in whose success or failure, against various third parties such as The Kaiser or Stalin or Krushcho-Brezniev***, it has had an interest for a short time.  A very British position to take if I might say so now. But I go on:

There could be two strands of thought about the para-but-one-above. The polity could wash its hands of the whole affair…..(saying that there is no fundamentallly-important national interest of its own, involved here)….

……or it could say that since people’s lives, liberty and property had been destroyed, and in its front garden (whoever the destroyed people were and whosoever’s property that plane was) its Jihadist Duty ought to be to pursue the perpetrators to the ends of its strength.

I should hope that a libertarian administration would take the position that it ought to hound the perpetrators to within an inch of their lives – or better even than that. The “release on compassionate grounds” of a perpetrato

*** I have decided I like Mr Krushcho-Brezniev: he does it for me as a Leninist lamp-post-pianowire-label for our enemies, and so I will use him quite a lot from now on. I might even call him Mrs Annabelle Krushcho-BrezniPutin. Don’t go there.

6 responses to “Libya, Lockerbie, Scotland, Kenny whatsit and Brown…well, there you go

  1. The Union is not dead, although it is far from well. The longer the SNP is the “government” of Scotland, the less likely “independence” looks. Please don’t talk down the Union, as you only help make its (much desired by all progressives) destruction all the more likely.

  2. I’d rather the Union existed. But if it is to be used as both a way of sucking cash out of English taxpayers, and as a stick with which to bash classical Anglospheric culture, then I think it’d be better if England withdrew from the Union. That would be the most exciting way to make “progressives” sit up, I believe.

  3. The Union and its continuation should not be seen in isolation. One of the fundamental characteristics of progressives is their general hostility to any institution that accords with human nature and / or is autonomous and / or existed before them. Progressives usually apply a standard model to justify their hostility to any institution in which people are divided in to an oppressor group associated with the institution and a victim group.

    The United Kingdom naturally falls in to the category of pre-existing institution; The people of Scotland / Wales / the Catholics of Northern Ireland can be labelled victims; etc..

    The starting point of any decent person has to be to support any institution the left is against, unless and until you are satisfied that the institution is without any redeeming features.

    Another characteristic of progressives is their bounty with the taxpayers money to “victim” groups and anyone who will vote for them.

    Applying this analysis to the Union, we should support the Union fullstop, whilst naturally we should be reducing the supply of money Labour’s rotten borough in the Central Lowlands of Scotland.

    Do not fall for the progressives’ victim / oppressor dichotomy which they use again and again as an instument to divide and rule.

  4. As a Scot living in England, all I vcan say is that the population left in Scotland seem to be hell-bent on self destruction, provided somebody else, usually the English Taxpayer, is paying for it. But if we had government that did what it ought, and only what it ought, (protecting the lives and property of its citizens within its boundaries and defending itself from external threats) there waould be litle difference as to whether the Union exists or not. But while my estwhile compatriots are troughing at the benefits as much as MPs were troughing at the expenses, then the sooner the Scots have independence, the better. Let them subsidise their own layabouts.

  5. I would really like the Union to survive. But I am not as optimistic about it as Otto (see comment above) for I know what undercurrents are going on in England. Among people with tractors, and with other metallic accoutrements – definitely not the Media-Class types.

    Perhaps it would be best if
    (a) Scotland (and Wales etc) stayed in, and
    (b) We still cut off all the money,
    (c) The various multifarious joke-parliaments were closed down in the entire UK, and all “Councillors” and “staff” fired, including all “Councils” except eprhaps for the “Counties”.
    (d) The Queen be persuaded to agree publicly that she had been “badly advised” about “de-volution”.