Unbelievable: the poor bugger won’t last.

David Davis

Read about the elected Mayor of Doncaster here.

4 responses to “Unbelievable: the poor bugger won’t last.

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes!! This man needs all the support we can give him.
    God bless you sir, you are dealing in reality.
    How can one help ?
    Simple sanity always has the answers. Indeed they will do all they can destroy him but if he can hang in there for a short while the poor people, starved and desperate for common sense, will rally to his side!

  2. Write to him John! Tell him about your blog and ours…tell him about the LA. Sean, could you phone him on some pretext?

  3. Brilliant stuff, well done that man!

    I can imagine more than a few of our rulers kicking themselves for introducing directly elected mayors.

    Now that they will have seen that the winner of such contests might not necessarily be an international socialist, I wonder if we’ll see them unceremoniously dropped?

  4. Further to whether Blog Meister should be on Facebook – I don’t even know how the book of face works.
    But I have copied the http address of Peter Davies’ Face Book presence here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peter-Davies-English-Democrats/119798797463
    I think one should really get behind this guy and push. But how, effectively?
    He may not be libertarian but I am sure he can clear some space for libertarians to think and move in.
    As John Gouriet did in 1977+-