If this blog should ever go down

David Davis

Then … I just want to thank Countingcats for (a) bringing this little gem to my attention, and also (2) for reminding me exactly how useless and negative the effect of the Kennedys was on the advancement of Western Civilisation. Old “Joe” Kennedy will be, when I meet him in Hell, one of the 138 most important people that I want presented to me by Lucifer, early on (ish) before I fry totally, for me to kick in the effing bollocks – for what he nearly managed to get done to my nation in 1940.

I have naturally feared and been suspicious of the Kennedys, since I was old enough to understand Statist politics, in about 1965. I wonder what it is about people that gives you that gift, or perhaps what it is about bad-people, that you somehow “know” they are bad?

Do wicked people perhaps smell different? Did anybody get close enough to Joe Kennedy, Stalin, Hitler, the Castro people, the Kims, Pol Pot, Himmler, Heydrich, Lenin, Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, and all the others, to actually find out? I do not know.

I do not think Gordon Brown is wicked. But I’d be keen to know if he smells.

2 responses to “If this blog should ever go down

  1. Unlike yourself, I find the Irish to be a Low People and am doubly embarrassed by mine own hibernian heritage especially whenever I see grimacing in my computer the leering filthy countenances of Those Two Frauds & Rather Obvious Paedos At The Head Of Sinn Fein, and whose names for a mercy escape me now…oh, shit (here it comes floating up) Jerry Adams & That Other One….

    *****Actually, not so, my Irish grandmother Mary was wonderful, so there ARE two sides to the coin.*****

    On the back of which, along with Those Two…Paedos & cet denominated supra ARE to be found lurking & skulking & winking in the actinic internet cockroach light — THE Kennedies.

    Theirs /is/ the dull old story in historical terms of all ethnic gangs; the Normans commenced something similar in 1066; and, the Saxons before them; and so, to-day, the Mexicans in the slums of LA are going at it hammer & tongs again: this time running out the black Americanos. All ganging flourishes, in other words, as an expression of /markets/, and these are only partly transactions in terror & violence (again, like /all/ markets, NB):

    Ganging prospers and, gradually, becomes Licit & An Establishment as the old constitutional arrangements fail to meet the felt needs of metamorphosing communities. This is, precisely, the story of The Kennedies, who doubtlessly got their start lynching free blacks in the 1862 draught riots and graduated to ward-heeler machine politics, and, later, rum running. And none of it were even possible except for the fact that “government” all along the way was, in one way or the other, both alternately /collusive & incompetent/! In short, we should never have heard of these Kennedy Back Bay hog rinsers & potato mashers, except for the Progressive pieties & awful meddling uplifting impulses of old-time Norwegian-American & teetotaler Minnesota US Senator Volstead, and the 19th Amendment. Prohibition was /the/ great cash cow for these formerly nondescript Hibernian porch-climbers, and forthwith Old Joe Kennedy proceeded to do just as The Bastardly William & The Normans before him in the British Isles, namely to erect on promiscuous & twitching penis-end a dynasty & an aristocracy.

    Like the brainless fucking all along the way and the occasional drowned quondam lover to go with it, this all is a miserable & tedious, and above all sublimely boring, tale: of Average Men (and ‘their’ cow-like mooing females), getting all wrapped up over-and-over in some velvet…and turning it all, over again and over, into Shithouse Hall.

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