Kennedycare: Lesson 1 – the Kennedys will shag you and then you will die

….especially if you are a pretty young woman.

David Davis

If this was not the Libertarian Alliance, then the headline would have contained a different four-letter verb instead of “shag”.

Calling the USA! Hear us!

Listen, for we are your friends! We want you to succeed! There is no mileage or benefit for humanity in a hobbled, socialist USA!

Rule 1: whatever the Kennedys say, do exactly the opposite (except for your moon landings which were Anglo-German. Jack Kennedy only hijacked what was to happen anyway.)

Rule 2: give the Kennedys lots of young women and money to keep them occupied. I don’t know how you’ll persuade the young women to comply, but the world might contain enough desperate ones.

Rule 3: stop thinking the Kennedys are some sort of romantic Irish neopastoralist anti-British clan.

Joe Kennedy the bootlegger wanted to sell us, your friends, to Hitler, the deputy-arch-GramscoFabiaNazi after “Joe” Stalin his friend. Those of us who are old enough to remember Joe Kennedy (who f****d his sons’ girlfriends – how much of a loser can you be and still make money?) and what he did and said and – worse – thought, will never never forgive him or forget what time he lost us and you, when you and yours wanted to come to our aid in early 1940 against anti-libertarianism.

Do exactly the opposite of what the Kennedys say, straight away: do NOT lose any time.

2 responses to “Kennedycare: Lesson 1 – the Kennedys will shag you and then you will die

  1. If you consider 2 out 3 its a case of first they shag you then they die.

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