This has been engineered on purpose by the GramscoFabiaNazis

David Davis

If you are GramscoFabiaNazis, and if (therefore as must follow as the night the day) you want to marginalise a potential key player who could be ranged against you in some way, in the setting-up of a New World Order – one in which Western liberal Civilisation is banished to a few subsistence-farming communities on outer islands, and which you can ultimately pick off at will like Native Americans – this is one thing you must do.

You have to ensure that you f*** up their defence procurement bureaucracy, finances and objectives. Hear me out, enraged libertarians, for this is important.

Rommel, von Kluge and von Runstedt came, not very suddenly, to understand this very well in 1944, and had no power to influence what was anyway a fairly-well-run outfit by 2009 standards.

The poor wretched generals and marshalls actually understood it before that, but were not listened to. The only reason “Normandy to the Elbe” took so long, and was so expensive in metal and in lives lost, was the superb fighting power of the average German soldier, even in knowingly unrelievable desperation. The Allies were fighting the finest and most professional army of ordinary soldiers that possibly ever existed in all history.

To me, from where I am sitting, about 100% of all libertarians appear to be “against war”. Well that’s OK if you say so, but I am not convinced that everybody who reads this blog and others is aware of the difference between this position and outright pacifism in the face of people who frankly state their objectives about your fate, should they be so fortunate as to get you into a dark alley.

The point about wars properly waged by The West, against its mortal philosophical enemies such as GramscoFabiaNazis – and even, let it be said – GramscoNazis and their integrated GramscStalinist clone, is that The Western Canon has allowed the development of what we (in the LA year and years and years ago) called, on a lapel badge (remember those?) “Peace through superior firepower”. We even, in the Alternative Bookshop, bought a badge-making-machine, and prodiced them – I still have one.

All we have to do is decide if we are right. If we are, then superior firepower will ensure minimal destruction of innocent bystanders, by ensuring maximal destruction of the guys who are wrong and who despite that persist.

This I think was the original – actually it’s not, it’s the second series:-


And I thought this was a later version when that stock had run out, but actually it’s the real one, the first one – it’s a better gun:-


And this summed it all up:-


GramscoFabiaNazis have nothing going for them except their messianic fervour of rightness in the face of logic, and their aura of divinity based on barbarian-neopastoralist mass-credulity. They are killers and murderers: the two generalised forms of death which they apply to people who displease them, differ slightly but importantly.

They too encompass badge-wearers, just as we did: but we grew up and they did not.

The GFNs must find a way to hobble people who, although behaving as “uncertain trumpets”, ought to be able to possess overwhelming firepower.

2 responses to “This has been engineered on purpose by the GramscoFabiaNazis

  1. Unless there is a massive clear out of those dedicated to the destruction of western liberty, or those influenced by those dedicated to the destruction of western liberty (perhaps the real guys are beyond reach), a cleansing of the body politic which I think happened in a similar manner around the time Thatcher/Reagan etc came to power (and I have learnt I think that you all disagree with that, never mind). Unless there is such a cleansing of the body politic, all sorts of things, such as this armaments debacle, will happen to generally screw what’s left of England, et al.
    You are not wrong.

  2. Graham Davies

    Here’s a thought.

    Our government doesn’t like the armed forces. They can’t be relied upon to oppress their own people in the same way that varous other branches of the Executive can. They are still too culturally conservative, and far too British.

    Purhasing substandard equipment at over-inflated prices, recruitment campaigns which advertise the military as a sort of paramilitary wing of the social services, absurd rules of engagement and regulation of weaponry, and now…..

    Our underequipped army is about to become marooned in the middle east, in a landocked country surrounded by hostile Muslim populations and with insufficient transport to withdraw properly.

    Luckily for us, that very same government has the soution to the desrtruction of our armed forces once that project has been completed. We can look forward to these people :

    Much more fexible than our current armed forces, when they are eventually brought fully up to strength. All you need to do is draft in a battlegroup drawn from another Member State, and you can rely on them to effectively police an unappreciative populace. You know, like enforcing martial law, machine gunning demonstrators, and herding poeople into concentration camps.

    Just the folks you need when the riots that you’ve been waiting for allow you to invoke the provisions of the Civil Contingencies Act.

    We live in interesting times.