Ronald Reagan’s speech to the 1964 Republican convention

2 responses to “Ronald Reagan’s speech to the 1964 Republican convention

  1. Fantastic speech. I blogged this, too – and I hope more bloggers will do the same.

    The issues have been with us for decades. Common sense knows no time limits – just circumstances change.

  2. Yes, there is a dinstinct lack of courage, now, in the west, but it seems it was always so. His speech applies just as much now as then. And the enemy seems to be the same, just wears different clothes.
    One thing that amazes me is how have we survived since 1964?
    Perhaps the pull back from the late 70s to the late 90s gave a breathing space?
    But now we are hell for leather over the precipice. Rejoicing as we follow the lemmings’ plunge.
    I suppose at some point people will start screaming but by then will it be too late?