….But this is potentially much much worse…

David Davis

“Traditional” subjects are disappearing from the State end of the schools system.

3 responses to “….But this is potentially much much worse…

  1. Well so far as one can tell the ultimate aim of progressive educators is to collapse everything down into one subject called something like “life training” one would imagine, an ideological course intended to fit each pupil for their intended role in the state machine. So clearly you don’t need different subjects then, it’s all just one integrated “how to be a proper member of society” course.

  2. It’s called “PSHE”, which for some strange reason seems differeent from “Citizenship”.

    You will be pleased to know that the majority of the “less educationally challenged” sets either fall aslepp in these lessons, or simply bunk off.

    Young Peter, who blogs here, is determined to fail “GCSE Citizenship”, a compulsory subject forced on him when he could have been doing Music or Polish instead. He wants actively to collect a “F” or a “U”.

  3. Oh and “PSHE” stands for “personal, social and health education”.

    Baldur von Schirach could not have come up with anything better. The only upside is that the underage pregnancy rates in Peter’s school are still way, way below what Schirach achieved between the Hitler-Jugend and the Bund-Deutsche-Madel.