Green bastards getting really dangerous now….

I think they really mean to do this unutterably evil and destructive stuff.

Will we, perhaps and regrettably, really have to kill them all? It is to be hoped that – before it is too late and the planet is ff****d into an iceball – they will be able to distinguish what is objectively good, and follow it. As Auberon Waugh would have said: “I do not know”.

David Davis

At least we could chop up and burn the “cloud ships” to keep warm for a few days, after the earth has got covered with ice. I really don’t think these bastards ought to be permitted to buy and operate expensive toys whose effects they don’t begin to understand. The fact that it will be also with other people’s money is neither here nor there…

…because libertarians spend too much time arguing about how wrong things are if done by force with tax-money, and not enough time actually assaulting the Enemy-Class’s primary premises about whether certain things ought to be done at all.

temperature swings_2400BC_to_now


One response to “Green bastards getting really dangerous now….

  1. …before it is too late and the planet is ff****d into an iceball…

    If that’s on the cards any time soon I suspect we’ll find ourselves quite powerless to do anything about it. I find the idea of gaining any meaningful control of the climate in either direction far fetched. All those millions of gigatonnes of water and atmospheric gasses, all that energy received from the sun, all firmly under the control of humanity and the paltry 6-8 gigatonnes of CO2 it can release into or withhold from the system? I wish we could ward off the next ice age by building more Range Rovers or prevent a hotter world by commuting on organic free trade bicycles, because it’d be a lot more convenient than having to adapt as we’ve been doing since we came down from the trees. Sadly I doubt it’s remotely that simple.