The Dully-GramscoGraph does not publish my comments any more

David Davis

But it does not matter, I guess, for they know what I am going to say.

(Correction later: I spoke too soon – it still does.)

One response to “The Dully-GramscoGraph does not publish my comments any more

  1. This is a subject that really saddens me with its stupidity and self destruction. And fills me with hatred for the way the spirit of pig ignorance destroys everything that is beautiful. So I had to follow up on the Telegraph site with a comment of my own to that effect. Tony Blair may be a wilful fool who could destroy the world, but his desire to try and make Britain a “cafe society” I don’t see as inherently bad. Just unrealistic, and yes, perhaps wilfully unrealistic. (Perhaps when he lost Campbell he went off the rails?)
    Whatever, that spirit of boorishness that is spreading out from the sludge of emotional deprivation is very, horribly, sad. Spain, Greece, where ever have their own problems. In fact the great EU achievement may be to get us all to take on each other’s destructive capabilities and become a conglomeration of hot headed and somewhat merciless sludge-like thugs.