Scary evil GramscoFabiaNazi numbers about surveillance camerae in the UK. And I am pissed off, about something else.

David Davis

Here you go. Read the shit yourself.

The more I write this blog, the less I want it to be a showcase of “libertarian thought and primers” for intelligent bystanders, who either head “think tanks”, or are “intellectuals”, or know they can’t really “influence policy-makers”, or who don’t give a stuff, and all of whom have no weapons anyway.

And the more I want it to scamper for a wee at the back of The Line, run back, spit on its hands, drag its swordpoint out of the bloody mud at the linefeet, and start hewing again.

There are many friendly Libertarians who would like me to make the blog “turn the other cheek”. I really will try, honest.

But I’m not the only writer allowed onto here – it’s just that the others have more important things to do, well, really sort of all the time, like about 100% of the time. (Sorry.)

The fascist GramscoFabiaNazi pig Mao tse Tung thought that “Communism comes from the barrel of a gun”. Of course it does, that’s it’s job and modus operandi. But that’s what socialists do. They need to kill: if they don’t kill for a few days, they have to be given some defenceless humans whose lives they can “reshape”, like the Saudi executioners have to have a sheep to behead in lieu.

“Nobody is suggesting” that Libertarians should behave in the same foul and pre-capitalist way. But you have to admit: the Enemy Clsss does hold some very powerful cards, like fear and terror.

If you want a Libertarian think-tank, teaching-archive blog, which “influences Academicians and Universities and policy-makers”, over the centuries and millennia, slowly or not at all, then get writing on it. If you want it like this, as it is, then leave it to me.

(Sean Gabb is abroad so probably can’t post until an hour or so from now.  So I will forgive! But what about the rest of you?)

11 responses to “Scary evil GramscoFabiaNazi numbers about surveillance camerae in the UK. And I am pissed off, about something else.

  1. I doubt those numbers are accurate. Well okay, they are but only by technicality.

    Some local councils require certain security measures to be taken on properties in their areas. I have no doubt that in most cases these would be security cameras and as such wouldn’t count in an FoI request like most.

    As opposed to there being 1 million less security cameras being imposed by the state than previously thought I would now suspect there are more.

  2. I think I have had enough exposition of the moral philosophy of liberty and indeed the epistemology of liberty.

    I’m going to start blogging again and will try and write about the practical benefits of liberty for the common folk, such as myself and will try and write a common sense guide to the rationale of liberty from a modern, English pragmatic perspective (cos I don’t care how many Rothbard clones can dance on Adam Smiths pins).

    In a sense I’m going to try and write some propaganda. I’m a nobody and I’d much rather the big boys had a go. Or at least people more knowledgeable than me.

    I’m going to try and blog the process (on a new blog) so that those who care can put me right or at least warn me of my folly. If I can get anyone interested at all that is.

    The other things I need to do is find out how to blog and post completely (or fairly) in an untraceable manner and enable others to do so as well. As though I lived in a police state (imagine!) where I was ever so slightly afraid I might be seen as a loon or worse.

    On this last… any clues?

  3. Not sure, Davidncl.

    Perhaps the strategy is to appear to be a mere loon. Then we’d possibly get overlooked for a time, but also not enough ordinary people would take us seriously. ordinary folks don’t really want to be seen standing near a loon.

  4. That’s the problem with technology. Once you’ve got it you’ve got to use it.
    I wonder what sweet and wonderful dreams stem cell research will provide?
    And what about the capacity to record and retain every email or internet search, applied to other fields of coercion and control?
    The Brave New World is certainly coming in.
    And I don’t think one really has to rant or loon, or archive, espistimologise or preach. The simple facts will do just fine. What one does about them is another thing, I guess. Perhaps the need is simply to inform. Get the facts, and the dynamic implications of the facts, to as wide an audience as possible?
    Wake up ruled Britannia before something happens you were really not expecting. Or simply just look back ten or twenty years and really try to remember and understand things as they were “then”, and what the changes to “now” indicate about the way things are going.

  5. Bodwyn Wook

    I will have to pop back in later, Goddess Alone knows when, it’s oats, wheat and barley around here now, all in no particular order….

  6. Is Bodwyn Wook a bit like a numbers station… and there are people who spring into action at the sight of code words or summat?

    Because otherwise…

  7. Bodwyn Wook

    Certain dervishes contend that nominative phrases such as /Bodwyn Wook/ and /97 per cent/ are transformative memes. These serve to propel, for example, the libertarian narrative in a comprehensive way. This compensates so to speak for the range and the sometimes, or at least to some persons, disagreeable aspects of the libertarian narrative enterprise. This is composed of many strands, each suitable as persuasion to different psychological classes. But the /entity/ is the thing, of course.

    [On the other hand, some Sufis here would as lief stick in that the libertarian enterprise is also intended to stabilise certain categories or types in a comparatively harmless backwater where, indeed ,they are objectively fostering values for the future.]

    Again, the arguably more advanced, or at least intuitive, anarchical cadre have their point, too, about memes:

  8. Davidncl:

    You say:

    “In a sense I’m going to try and write some propaganda.”

    George Orwell wrote:

    “All propaganda is lies, even when it’s telling the truth.”

    You might want to keep those words in mind.


  9. Giberish pretending to be wisdom.

    I’m not fooled by Orwel. Zamyatin would have had the pods not to shoot the elephant.

  10. ll

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