Nazi Gnomes.

Fred Bloggs.

Yep, you heard right, i did say Nazi Gnomes, they’ve been in the centre of a investigation in Germany. The Gnomes which were part of a art display in Nurenberg are being investigated because they could be breaking the law by performing the hitler salute, which is illegal in Germany.

But on the other hand, a spokesman from the prosecuters office said:

“It is also a question of art a bit, it will also depend on what the artist and the owners of the gallery have to say for themselves about the whole thing.”

I would normally say something humerous at this point, but i can’t really come up with anything good enough to top Nazi saluting gnomes.

7 responses to “Nazi Gnomes.

  1. I think we’re making progress.
    Jacqui Smith has openely described herself as an authoritarian.

    The bad part is, she likes it!

  2. Let’s have some plastic Jacqui Smiths made up fairly quickly, and, er, saluting.

  3. Only if mine gives her the two finger salute.

  4. Fred, could you pantishop something, say about Jacqui Smith doing a Zieg-Heil?

    [er sorry, I meant paintshop…]

  5. er Fred, old chap, don’t put it up here till we’ve checked we are not going to be sued for libel by the poor old bat…

  6. Fred Bloggs

    Righty ho.