Curiouser and curiouser…

…do the pronouncements from one Harriet Harman get….banning discrimination against “Northerners and people of other regions”…? [listen to the BBC any old day and you’d be hard put to encounter a single sentence in “The Queen’s English” – except from the Queen herself.]

David Davis

I know it’s merely about “staffing the boards of publicly funded bodies“, so in reality it does not matter at all, except in principle.

Where will Harman draw the line, I wonder? Let’s find out:-

2 responses to “Curiouser and curiouser…

  1. Except that the category is /Libert/, and that is always THE topic, I suppose the following is ‘off topic’…sort of, maybe:

    It is a link to the latest “crock of shit” now boiling over (again) over here. These people, in any /real/ welfare state, would all have diagnoses /and/ be domiciled in Strict Palliatories.

  2. Oh God, don’t encourage the silly sods to start drawing more bloody arbitrary lines. Still, for what it’s worth, down here at 38˚S I think of the entire UK, and indeed most of the world, as being northern. Even the bits that don’t like black pudding.