Riddle: “Why won’t Gordon Brown go to Wootton Bassett?

David Davis

Because he’d get told what people really think of his attitude towards the Armed Forces (whom he hates and despises and fears and won’t give money to, all at once.) And so he’s quite afraid his appearance there might start a riot, quickly turning into a revolution.

Green custard would be nowhere: it would be something worse.

Don’t expect any members of the Government ZanuLieBorg gramscoFabiaNazi Enemy Class there any time soon.

Just bugger off, Gordon, just go....

Just bugger off, Gordon, just go....

Libertarians – at least some of us – are not against prosecuting foreign wars in the absence of a “vital national interest”. It’s just that we perhaps differ about what the boundaries of a vital national interest are.

I happen these days to believe that, under the threat of extinction by new Labour, the borders of a Libertarian Polity actually encompass the entire globe. Like the Saxons and Vikings saw the Sea as a Road and not a fence, and like our borders once ran along the coasts of all other nations at once, the destruction of extremely “serious” and cheerfully-frankly-unlibertarian chaps in the mountains of Northern Pakistan, who have sincerely vowed, on television, to destroy us and what we stand for, can be seen merely as the protection of an English national interest.

So Gordon won’t be going to Wiltshire quite yet, then. (People seeing the coffins, and him, in the same moment, will trip them over the edge.)

But if there was an election, he’d get to Swindon in about 9 minutes.

Surely, though, the Minister of Defence could go? Not even incognito? Nobody knows who he is anyway…He’d probably get egged – nothing worse, even if discovered…..

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