This guy won’t let you comment on his site if you are a libertarian “abuser”….

David Davis

I heard about this from Tim Worstall just now. There is now an opportunity to do stuff about this Richard Murphy fellow, of whom I confess I have never heard.

I quote a passage from the RM text:-

Why is it then that this vicious, self interested and, might I suggest inherently socially violent group are allowed to make this sort of contribution – as they do all over so many blogs where those with real concern for society, from across the mainstream political spectrum, seek to discuss issues in an open, rational and respectful fashion?

I would love, for example, to see far-right libertarians thrown off the Guardian bogs [sic] as a matter of course – which might improve their appeal to many others as a result.

[I wouldn’t shit in a Guardian bog if you paid me.]

It is time we named these people for what they are – as being amongst the enemies of civilised society.

I am happy to do that. It would be good if others would do the same – and fight them as we do racists.

NB: Comments from known libertarian abusers will not be allowed on this blog entry, or any other on this site.

He is referring to libertarians, whom he dubs also “callous, self-interested“, and says:- They think that all tax is theft; all government activity is bad and those who win a mandate for government spending from democratic electorates are ‘statists’.

He is of course half-right about taxation and theft.

He is one to watch, in the coming ideological war as it gets properly serious.

9 responses to “This guy won’t let you comment on his site if you are a libertarian “abuser”….

  1. Bodwyn Wook

    ‘I would love, for example, to see far-right libertarians thrown off the Guardian bogs [sic] as a matter of course – which might improve their appeal to many others as a result.’

    People certainly do not write well. The ambiguity in the above lies in the not-clearly assigned ‘their’; I do expect, of course, that being flung out of certain places indeed means that I am not, for example, a ‘professional’ or other sort of paedophile, and that circumstance must surely conduce to make me more welcome in homes with small children at any rate.

    In short, Art & Beauty do NOT stand the chance of crow in Hell in the internet…

    …not compared to Murder & Invective they don’t!

    Mind you I am not dragging in the Baby Jesus in the above link for yet another round of child abuse, in Islam we do NOT kill and eat Him all the time — just everybody else! ;) — but Jesus’ babyhood image /is/ part of our culture and this is a matter that makes me, I daresay, a bit of a conservative Libertarian? Sorry, I have to bugger off now and feed the pigs. (They are smart animals and keeping them also keeps away Homeland “Security” and the /rest/ of the hogs & low(!)-IQ Inquisition….)

  2. Liberty, freedom and enterprise are being turned into dirty words with the sort of reasoning Murphy uses. After 3 decades in which courage, excellence and individual freedom and responsibility were advanced, the collectivists are moving back in. Having discredited the spirit of freedom through the mess they tricked George Bush into in Iraq and then screwed up as best they could and destroyed him through their media (sorry Bodwin) they are now moving in for the kill. Liberty is set to become a dirty word as the social responsibility fascists move in, blurring the borders of truth and establishing their falsehood as a credible alternative. Defiance will not help. Defiance indicates the child s dependence on the one defied. Nothing less than standing on exact, loving and merciful truth will do. They did crucify Jesus by blurring those lines, too.

  3. I don’t really know anyone who is the caricature he paints.
    Yes, tax is theft, that is self evident (what else are we to call demanding money with menaces?).
    Government occasionally does some good things, but that doesn’t offset the bad things it does (like impoverish the poor or support the bankers whilst they lose other people’s money).

    Most libertarians seek to defend society and civilisation from the wreckers of the state and ruling classes – people like Richard Murphy.
    Society is not based on the top down rule of the few, but on the voluntary interactions of the masses of individuals.

    Libertarianism is a social-ism unlike the socialism of the statists which is an antisocial-ism.

  4. I’ll certainly give this feller a look, if only to (finally) add another name to the “lunatic enemy” section of my blog roll. The other name, i must confess, i have become convinced is in fact a rather clever satire.
    This man may stop us commenting, but surely he cannot stop a fisk or three?

  5. Graham Davies

    I think this fellow is ahead of his time. The Gramscians have managed to whip up an unthinking rabble against racists (meaning anyone opposed to the deliberate balkanisation of the UK over the past 60 years) under the watchful eye of the ‘hate incident’ gestapo.

    We have the zeal of the environmentalists (I’m just waiting for an ‘environmental incident’ or ‘environmental crime’ unit to be set up to monitor those who disagree with the manufactured consensus) to suppress discussion, using the same style of language which is used to smear those who study unorthodox evaluations of the nazi atrocities during the second world war.

    Now it seems they have turned their noxious gaze towards libertarians, I wonder if this is the beginning of another wave of persecution that will proceed along similar lines (libertarians are society deniers, society haters, etc).

    Where will it end?

  6. Graham Davies

    Oh, and aside from a minimal level of tax, preferably on land, I’d say taxation is worse than theft; it is robbery.

  7. “He is of course half-right about taxation and theft.”

    The only things that governments can legitimately tax are transactions. All other taxes – income, property, &c. – are theft. Well, worse than pure theft, they are extortion, actually, since the threat of imprisonment is involved.

    No government that taxes income and property is legitimate, regardless of whether or not a majority democratically enabled such government. Remember, democracy is rule by fool, because the masses are asses.

  8. Don t see why transactions should be any more taxable than anything else – it is all coercive. Part of the protection racket?
    But I suppose if some people want to organise themselves into groups wherein they all contribute to a collective kitty that the more manipulative of their number will gain control and thereby control them, well, they should be free to do so.
    However there should also be a way in which those who do not wish to belong to that group can avoid being coerced.
    One used to be able to be a tax exile, with restraints and conditions. That option is fading fast.
    Does the whole issue need to be thoroughly explored and a free and honourable way for anyone, identified.
    I suppose it has been done.

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