I understand now, why so many movietroids/actroids/directroids/theatroids become Socialists…

And pop-singertroids too.

David Davis

In the strangely terrifying, and profoundly evil piece, by Madeleine Bunting (who has had the finest education that money can – or even can’t – buy, and thus ought to know better) of the Grauniad, a glimmer of insight into the minds of troids who decide to collectivise humanity, is found.

h/t The Humble Devil for pointing it out.

Bella Gerens correctly dissassembles Bunting’s deeply sinister anti-market position. it needs restating, but we all know that the “markets” which Bunting describes are hedged about with corporate and state regulation, to the extent that they convey no information to traders that’s worthwhile.

But the Bunting article does throw light on the mindset of the kinds of people who are instinctively attracted to collectivist, messianic, precapitalist/barbarian-film-director-warlord-subsistence-farmer nostrums.

4 responses to “I understand now, why so many movietroids/actroids/directroids/theatroids become Socialists…

  1. chris southern

    Control freaks and their sycophants never admit that they are the ones at fault.
    Once they realise this, or are forced to face up to what they realy have achieved over the last centuary then maybe things can start to change for the better.

    Either that or the chip version of barcodes will be issued to those whome are not deemed to be part of “their” society.

  2. I didnt read all of Buntings piece, I could not cope. It made me want to weep. Yes, the deseption runs deep. How deep did the deception run to take two generations off to war knowing that what they were doing was good, right and proper? I think it runs far deeeper than any of us can really out think or cope with.

  3. Sorry, I find it hard to rite in these boxes and my apostrophe wont work, neither

  4. To Chris:
    We can’t make them face up to it, because __they know why they did it and they did it on purpose__. That’s why they did it. What is there for them to face up to in their eyes?

    The Gestapo and the Sondergerichte could not __make Sophie and Hubert Scholl, and Christoph Probst, face up to__ what (the socialist scumbags said) they had done. That’s why they did away with them.

    We are in a Titanic struggle, against droids which really really do deeply and indefatigably believe in the rightness of their cause. They know with such conviction that it is a good cause, that they will __kill__ to bring about its success.

    Unless we are as “serious” as they are, we shall lose.