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Jeff Randall on ZanuLieBorg on Education

Here you go.

Not hard to see that the Enemy Class is setting itself up in a hereditary manner from now on.

I’m all right, Jack, I’ll just pull up the ladder and never mind you!”

David Davis

Please be patient, this will take a few minutes…

David Davis

Many thanks to WhOops who has very kindly explained to me how to sort and categorise our blogroll. It will take some time at this rate, so please bear with me while I combine the gradual sortout of it with my other formal duties.

ZanuLieBorg is not only wickedly culpable over soldiers’ kit: it is also being taken for a mug…

…by people like the suppliers of the stuff below….

The following parts were bought a little while ago by me in a cheapo 50-Kg  job lot of RAF-surplus electronics bits and pieces. On idly peeling off the pricesticker covers to see what the MOD customarily pays for stuff, I was astonished.

David Davis

The following part is a VHF/UHF coax to socket connector, probably about £3 from Farnell in Leeds:-

Strewth!  £84 effing quid....?

Strewth! £84 effing quid....?

And this…this is a 0.001 μF polystyrene capacitor, of the sort you can get from China at about 2p a part. Even Maplin, expensive for this sort of thing, charges about 10p:-

I mean, what planet is the MOD buying-office on...?

I mean, what planet is the MOD buying-office on...?

Not only is this government viscerally and institutionally anti-forces, but “big business” in the form of Defence Contractors is “avvin-a-luff” at the taxpayer’s expense. You could almost believe that there is a cosy conspiracy between suppliers and the MOD buyers, and that said buyers are getting a private kickback in some form…after all, it’s happened many times before.

And the only sufferers are the poor soldiers who don’t get enough of the right kit as it “costs too much”….

Libertarians would have to be concerned at this, because as and when we come to power, we shall have to be alert for this sort of scam. You all know that I have often trumpeted the need for a Libertarian or fully-minimal-statist government here or anywhere to ensire it has very very powerful Armed Forces, at least for the dangerous years while other more statist nations try to undermine, or even directly assault it: it will highlight their dangerous isolation in pre-capitalist barbarism, and their lack of popular support.

Tax on driving to work? A solution….

…is to tell your employer that he can give you a free wireless-broadband to your house, with streaming video, downsize his office and move out of Nottingham, sack all staff who’d be needed if you were physically present, like cleaners, cooks, filing clerks etc, and cut his costs while avoiding the driving tax meantime.

Good stuff from mummy, about coffee and the Enemy Class

David Davis

Go and see her, she needs cheering up. And f*** the anti-fat-F***tards while you are at it.

Out for a couple of days…

…so you’d better keep watching.

David Davis

Someone else might post, a better writer than me, and you’d kick yourself for missing them and being able to hotlink and pinch their stuff while it’s newsworthy – that’s what we want you to do, and fast, for it matters for the survival of liberty.

We do have a lot of expanding young writers…and I don’t know when they are in or out of bed etc….in the meantime, go and have some fun at Old Holborn….let’s get the Tories educated in advance, if possible, to our ire against them if they so much as deviate a MICRON from the path of liberty…

We must stop for a second, just now, and consider why we do weep…

…for these poor old chaps who are now gone.

David Davis

I just want you to see this:- (link)

about these chaps.

I am not pretending that Henry Allingham, or any of his friends who fought and died alongside him, were libertarians. He’d probably be appalled now to be bracketed with us. But the lesson of history from him and his, is that you have to be

(a) aware of what the Enemy Class (such as the Kaiser and other European Monarchies and proto-totalitarians such as Lenin) is, and shall be even now up to, and

(b)  you have to be prepared to shaft them, er, before they shaft you.