It’s the caving-in, stupid

David Davis

The Iranian (non) elected Junta knows that we are the most likely sucker to give them something they want, in return for (our) diplomats….

30 years ago it was Carter who fulfilled the role of fall-guy. And look what happened then.

Truly, a libertarian British “State”, if one ever comes to pass, will need to carry a Big Stick.

2 responses to “It’s the caving-in, stupid

  1. Before graffiti was elevated to a chic artform I saw one piece in the 1960/70s that seemed the best political slogan I had seen at the time: Why vote, its a double X?
    This whole political game is just that, isnt it? Its a front on the real game played out between central banks and their constituents that is not really like anything we have yet discovered. Is it? I dunno. We are now being flooded with funny money, etc, etc, and while all the rocks of opposition like the more tiresome of the policies of GW Bush and cronies have been cleared out of the way so that the river flows wide and deep and smooth, it is still hurtling us to oblivion? Something like that.

  2. Obviously libertian leaders would defend against all power-mongers who would squelch people’s rights. That was Bush’s justification for going into Iraq. Libertarians must not become spupidly anti-war no matter what the situation. They must simply not be the first to violate rights.