Off today

David Davis

…unless Sean, Fred, mummy or anybody else on our massive team can say anything. Meanwhile, here’s some aeroplanes doing stuff:-

6 responses to “Off today

  1. Bodwyn Wook

    By God I’d like to see this done with a 4-8-8-4 “Big Boy!”

  2. Don’t think the crosswinds would affect it much, Bodwyn!

  3. Bodwyn Wook

    According to Drury, the “Big Boy” sans tender came in around #772,000 and the “Allegheny” 2-6-6-6 do at #778,000. I don’t know about 400s, but the Boeing 200-series fully laden weighs over 800,000 pounds at takeoff, and so I suppose, clapped out at destination, lands at a weight similar to one of these here steam engines. So…depends on your “crosswind.” So there! In 1948, here, in the so-called “Green Gables” tornado, a class-5 “twister” picked up and carried through the air a hundred yards or so another, admittedly smaller, locomotive engine, a C & NW train I believe (in that era very likely a “Pacific” type 4-6-2.). The old man who told me this in 1994 or so was then a Lake Crystal Lines bus driver and saw the engine for himself in the evening, on his second attempt to get through to Lake Crystal from Mankato, MN, after the storm. I specifically asked him if it looked as though it might have been tumbled along the ground, and he said not. In conjunction with “twisters” can come — usually after, too — pretty torrential brief downpours, so one cannot rule out the storm having bundled the engine over the ground like a brewery man or Mr Whiskers with a barrel, and then rain washing the path…but, that spoils the story I think. (In any case, short of an outright flood, this clay loam when wet does not “wash” that easy!)

    I expect naturally that one would benefit (sic) from the cross gusts more if the locomotive had wings….

  4. Bodwyn Wook

    “Caveat aleator,” as we used to say in my good old catapault & ballista battery….

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  6. Steven Northwood

    Amazing to watch a piece of technology perform something like that isn’t it? There are some exceptional videos of test fights of the Airbus A380 on YouTube, in particular the ones performed in Iceland.

    If you look closely enough you can see the wings flexing.