Lord Mandelson and the EU: a stitch-up?

David Davis

Tom Utley articulates a conspiracy-theory in the Daily-Paul-Dacre.

It may be, as Sean Gabb often says: the EU is “a” problem, but not “the” problem, for British – and in particular English -liberals. But I am not so certain of an ultimately successful outcome for English liberty if the EU continues to act like a beacon for all our own home-grown GramscoFabiaNazis: it sits there, wordlessly “being” – and by merely existing, thus encouraging them from afar to perform more heinous acts and crimes here at home, against individual freedom than they ordinarily would, out of their merely ordinary wickedness.

One response to “Lord Mandelson and the EU: a stitch-up?

  1. Practical Pig

    Forget le comte du Mensonge!

    HERE’S the new champion in grossly over-tractioned late-modern American steam locomotives:


    After the revolution, with this girl we can haul Mendacityovitch AND all his fake receipts as well as Parliament, lock, stock and bogus gothic stonework, in gondola cars and dump the whole boiling into the sea at Clacton!

    [And you thoght at the start this was somehow all irremediably “off topic!” Har, har!]