Golly, that’s a relief then…

David Davis

The real breaking news that you’ve all been waiting for, for most of this year, is that Canterbury is “sufficiently gay”. Truly – Obama was Breathless in Boise, Idaho: Ahmadinejahd was apprehensive in Isfahan (Asfahan? Nah…doesn’t cut it) wondering who to hang next, Kevin Rudd was kuddling his Rolodex in Kookaburra…wondering when the call would come in….

Libertarians, if honest (and mostly we are) have no interest whatever in the sexual orientations of individuals with whom we don’t associate in sexual ways ourselves. If one’s body is one’s own property, as it must be – except in the eyes of GramscoFabiaNazis who wish to shape its destiny perforce – then what one does with it and with whom is a private matter entirely.

I would not have thought this needed re-stating, but Canterbury Soviet think otherwise.

The LGBT “communities” (or whatever word is used for them these days in PC circles) really really ought to  __fear__  the triumph of what we call The Enemy Class. They ought to remark on what happened to homosexuals in places like the Third Reich, Stalin’s USSR, Cuba, many many dark places in Africa post-Bandung, and elsewhere such as “Islamic” countries.

They really ought to want people like the LPUK to triumph in elections instead.

2 responses to “Golly, that’s a relief then…

  1. They really ought to want people like the LPUK to triumph in elections instead.

    And the reason they don’t is because if they had to tell people like the LPUK that they want a gay pub and a community centre the aforementioned LPUK people would almost certainly fold their arms and say “Well? We’re not stopping you.” This is not what they want at all. I’m sure many, probably a majority, of LGBT people just want to be treated like straight unaltered gender folk, but not those who appoint themselves to represent the “communities”. What they want is a gay pub and community centre, and they want it built and run for them. At someone else’s expense, i.e. taxpayers, but under their own control as much as possible.

    What they want is everything handed to them on a plate and they’ll brand as homophobic those who don’t play ball. What they don’t want is a polite refusal and an explanation of the harsh realities of life and liberty because a party like the LPUK are running things. Unfortunately for pride of Canterbury the council have more or less done that anyway.

  2. 'abd al-'Abru

    Doeth, er, does this mean that if I am a Mazlume I can’t get any dosh from off of the white folks there in Canterbury neither on account of because it might be raparations and maybe make up for Bushs invasions and Wounded Knee and everything? Phooey to THAT…you LPUK’s AREN’T lib-uh-RAL!