New Labour … Playing into the hands of the BNP

David Davis

Tim Worstall identifies what’s the matter with our “leaders“. And he asks how and why a “possible ban” on them “working in schools” will help to put people off them (a creditable objective, to be sure, since they are a left-wing-corporatist party.) But think of the __paarents__  , of the children so deprived of this controversy – who will they then decide to vote for, eh?

Perhaps our “leaders” are doing all this on purpose, and have some agenda afoot.

In 2004, at the time of the Tsunami, I was driving a white van casually for a hire shop here. The boss – and is still today – was a lib-dem-brown-nozer, aged about 55, and a bit autistic. On the day of the “silence”, he shut the shop and shooed all the customers out, except those he couldn’t, ‘coz they wozz trying to pay the silly-bugger. He said we all had to have 2 minutes’ silence, because ” __the leaders__  had said we should…

…there was a lock-in, and everybody inside had to comply with the silence….

I buggered off, me: pretending to do a delivery of a cement mixer. Sod them. Wouldn’t trust the lovey-dems an inch then if I was you, if they attract people like that. Very unlibertarian.

4 responses to “New Labour … Playing into the hands of the BNP

  1. “since they are a left-wing-corporatist party”

    Unclear who you were referring to: Labour or the BNP?

  2. Both I think, Patrick!

  3. The BNP are decidedly anti-corporate, which is why I asked…

    If I may link whore:

  4. Which brought me back to why one needs a government in the first place. It doesnt grow food, or make clothes or build houses. What does it do? At best it can be said to just stop worse entities trying to tell one what to do. So, okay we can do with a limited protection force. But Belgium did quite well without one recently so what, exactly, in all its potent ramifications, is it for?