London Underground strikers are…..

….not necessarily c***s, or not all of them anyway. Officially as individual workers, they have every right to go on strike, subject to whatever the law says at present, but which right is usually usurped by their “Trade Union(s)” and invoked unilaterally. This is of course where the problem lies.

David Davis

But this, spotted via the Devil, is really funny:-

Personally, if it is illegal for “producers” to “combine”, as I believe it is, then it makes sense for it to be illegal for employees to combine also.

2 responses to “London Underground strikers are…..

  1. Dave,

    Producers combine all the time, which is why there are less than 10 major drugs companies in the world. Not only this but they profit from regulations which deter market entrants and limit their liability. It ain’t the 1980s anymore: there is no stategic advantage to be gained by libertarians attacking trade unions, if there ever was.

  2. I meant “fewer than 10”, obviously…