Tomorrow, the whisky and the revolver?

David Davis

What’s the betting?

One response to “Tomorrow, the whisky and the revolver?

  1. Bodwyn Wook, Member for Old Sarum

    FOR The leader of a cabinet in ruins to go to the people would be /the/ mark of prime ministerial greatness.

    IF The Scotchman Brown could only bring himself to cite the Jew Disraeli (!) in /Coningsby/, about the tragic transformation of a great party into its opposite, and go to the people…

    IF Only now, at the end, the Prime Minister could let democracy for good & all trump cries and manifestoes — then this same Gordon Brown (whether /we/ should like it or not) would join the ranks of great PMs, those however belatedly who grew into the role of a leader of all England & Scotland & Wales, and Man & Her Dear Channel Islands, and even…Ulster.

    AND, He should then have come onto that verdict from History, quite regardless of how much of the present horror & slop is his own fault.

    FORTUNATELY For all those who hate him & the opposition (sic), tragically for ‘Britain’, the young man is NOT up to the job.