Brown’s window of opportunity to cancel any autumn election

David Davis

“Professor John Oxford” (how unfortunate) thinks that “50% is on the low side” for the UK population to get Swine Flu in the autumn. What a prat: he can’t need the money that badly…

And here’s a bit of fun:-

3 responses to “Brown’s window of opportunity to cancel any autumn election

  1. Never mind that, will someone who knows what they’re doing kindly restore a Mosquito to flight status before we all catch pork flu and start squealing and rolling around in our own shit. I’d rather see a Mozzie flying again than the Dambuster remake.

  2. The would be good. But I don’t think there are even any wrecks left.

  3. There’s one being restored to museum quality at an RAAF base near Melbourne, but since there’s already a nice one – a photo recon version if I remember – in the museum at the Canberra War Memorial I don’t know why they don’t go the whole hog and get it flying. Or maybe a replica? There must be Merlins available and most of the rest was wood.