Fred’ll like this one…

Woz it really that Reynhard Heydrich fellow in the audience? I thought he’d been wasted by those Czechoslovak chaps.

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2 responses to “Fred’ll like this one…

  1. Reinhart Heydrich, the “Blond Beast” of Nazism.

    One of the brightest of a bad crowd.

    British Commandos helped him on his way to “a better world” — as they say in Oliphant Street…

    Tony Hollick

  2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Extremism in defence of liberty is no vice:

    Moderation in the pursuit of excellence is no virtue.

    Barry Goldwater wouldn’t think over-much of this “moderation” nonsense, which is about as much use as a pencil lead at Chernobyl…

    (If you have to ask, you don’t deserve an answer!)