Illuminating stuff about the Enemy Class and the BNP

David Davis

I reproduce this comment in full, as a post (I have other stuff to do today, most of it challenging and exhausting)

(The comment was one on this post of mine earlier.)

“The particular brand of venom which the ruling class reserve exclusively for the BNP is nothing to do with the BNP’s left wing policies.

The reason why the ruling class despises the BNP so much is the latter’s impetus to resist a central part of the strategy of the Gramscians: the cultural and ethnic destruction of the United Kingdom and the conversion of these islands into a collection of un-countries dominated by a regional government.

If the BNP suddenly decided to promote policies to legalise drugs, support free trade, privatise the NHS and shut down most of the public sector, it would still receive a hostile reception from the powers that be on account of its racial and cultural conservative leanings.”


I am quite certain that the LPUK, in the event of increasing electoral success, will come in for the same treatment, and more especially as it is not leftist – or any “ist” for that matter.

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  1. Disagree with this comment. As with so much stuff about the ‘ruling class’, this person is seeing a conspiracy where there is none (a very Marxist way of thinking).

    The reality is that the BNP is a racist party with a left-wing veneer. They have no coherent purpose beyond racism. This is why people hate them – racism is considered the ultimate crime so it’s a race (excuse the pun) to be seen as holier-than-thou.

    That said, the BNP really are a bunch of racist knuckleheads. They deserve everything they get.

  2. Bodwyn Wook

    That said, the modus operandi is real enough, to use BNP as a sort of icon of everything “we” hate.

    In effect there is a tacit deal, not a “conspiracy” of course, just more of the usual stupid plotting, half aware (sort of) and too smart by half (“Hi, I’m a Trained Liberal, glad you met me!”)….

    The trouble is ESPECIALLY with halfwitted “arrangements” is that “accidentally” the whipping boy, “the Jews” or other scapegoat get a leg up…and then you just could see all these postal clerks and night janitors from the ranks off the underfolk throwing their weight around. In any case though it wouldn’t last much longer than the Nazis, that ephemerality too is part of any wholly negative political or socia episode.

    (At present, at Bodwyn Wook, we are concocting a short bit about the moral problem of the franchise, and you all will be the first to know….)

  3. The various Nazi fronts are very useful in enabling “The Authorities” to recruit left-wing informants amongst leftists. Similarly, the “Leftist Menace” is sufficient to drive voters into the ranks of the conservative parties. MI5 is small-‘c’ conservative by definition.

    Whether the “Nazi” core cadre of the BNP-type outfits are real or imaginary is beside the point. They’re convenient bogey-men to frighten Leftists. Our local Green bookshop was trashed by supposed members of “Combat 88″…

    Of course, the RAL power is non-political, non-ideological: it always is. The NKVD was the same as the Gestapo, and Hoover’s FBI the same as both, but bigger. MI5 USED to be less of a structural threat, but ACPO is subsuming its functions (Special Branches) into a nascent National Police Force, with a bit of “Anti-Racism” to tart it up…

    Ranting at the mirror about Gramsco-Fabian Marxists TOTALLY misses the point. True concentrated power is devoted to only one over-reaching goal — more and more power.

    Like Sauron’s “One Ring to bind them all.”

    Celebrimbor’s nineteen magical rings, forged by the Noldorian elven-Smiths of Eregion, were a dangerous project in their own right, as Gandalf warned at the time…

    all Power is inherently corrupting. That was Chris Tame’s blind spot — he never understood this properly, and sought to create effigies of power. Thank your lucky stars that the unpromising human material resources he chose to work with proved to be worse than useless. Chris was always given to delighting at the downfall of his enemies…

    [ FX: “Ask not for whom the Bell tolls…” ]


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    • That’s OK Tony, no hard feelings, OM!

      We will put up a link to your site.

      I will in fact do it now.

      You confuse “loss of courage” with “trying to keep comments relevant to the article and also the sort f length that people wish to read”. I’m trying to write a growing blog. I therefore target certain issues which will grow it. If I thought that posting stuff about polots and 9/11truth would do that, I would post it. All the time.
      It will not.

      I will get labelled as a conspiracy-theory-nutter, and my readership will decay exponentially.

      The half-life of even the most interesting and n most-read post I ever wrote was 46 hours.

      So I don’t.

  5. Graham Davies

    Brian, where did you get your idea that I see a conspiracy in what is going on?

    Have you ever considered that individual responses to the same external stimuli have a tendency to be similar in application?

    All I have done is described a trend, and an obvious one at that. Whether that trend is the result of a conspiracy or otherwise I do not know, though I expect it depends largely on your definition of the term.

    Speaking of conspiracies, has anyone noticed how the title of this post begins with ‘ILLUMINATIng stuff….’

  6. Thanx for the Linky!

    I hope that you and Sean appreciate that I am endeavoring to protect YOUR interests as well as mine.

    The Enemy Classes (note the plural) can’t waste our time and money engaging in malicious and mendacious predations against us in the US Courts — it’s almost impossible, and the “straw-man” argument applies. Everyone on LA-Agora has cryptonyms. Try sueing a cryptonym with no money… Smiles…

    See you there!

    And I still like this place, hence I will post here from time to time — Like “Cheers!” in Boston…


  7. ‘S-allright, Tony. The link’s up now under “Stargate” – don’t know what else to call it!

    Post when you want. Just no interminable stuff with lots of links to all the stuff you know bores me and gets up my nose and the noses of other people…

    all the best!

  8. Tony, if you promise to do that, I will try to bribe the Guards, to see if they will consent to chain up the Robot again.

  9. I am sure there are several strands to the left’s hysteria about the BNP.

    The BNP seek to represent ethnic and cultural interests that the left are hostile to. For example, if there was such a thing as a BPNP representing British Pakistanis then we can be sure there would not be the same hysteria. Politically correct types are every bit as racist as the BNP; It is just their choices of in and out groups are different from the BNP’s.

    The BNP are competing for voters that the progressives in general, and the Labour party in particular see as theirs by right.

    Progressive uses the BNP as a convenient means of smearing non-socialist parties as “fascist”, whatever that might mean. This goes right back to Lenin – The principle that once you have labelled something you don’t need to argue with it. It’s pretty ignoble and contemptible, but progressives are not going to stop doing it.

    A lot more respectably, most people find the BNP pretty disgusting, although outside progressive circles we realise that it is a poisonous dwarf and unlikely to grow to a threatening size.

  10. “My Soul, there is a Country
    Far beyond the Stars
    Where stands a Winged Sentry
    All Skillful in the Wars…” — Henry Vaughan


    ———— * * * * * ————

    “Fasten your seat belts: You never had a trip like this before” – Vanishing Point

  11. Dave:

    Mr. Michael Heimbach, FBI Director of Counter-Terrorism, has very recently thanked and praised Mr. Richard Gage and his team over at

    for providing new evidence in the form of unexploded fragments of three different explosives at all three World Trade Center bomb sites.

    Understand this, if you will:

    If the buildings wre blown up rather than burning down, the Official Conspiracy Theory lies on its back, stone cold dead, with its legs twitching…

    How will you then explain to your readers, that you missed the biggest story in a hundred years, so as to defend a contrived and illusory “War on Terror”?

    Most people already think that the State is lying its head off. Who are any “libertarian readers” worth having, who think that the State DOESN’T lie its head off? Micklethwait? Samizdata? Yesterday’s people…



    • Of course states lie, Tony, else why are we all here?

      But I don’t think they are lying about this one. Think of the sheer number, of thousands and thousands and thousands of people, who’d have to be in on it – how will they kill them all then ?

  12. Dave:

    You –very reasonably — ask:

    “Of course states lie, Tony, else why are we all here?

    But I don’t think they are lying about this one. Think of the sheer number, of thousands and thousands and thousands of people, who’d have to be in on it – how will they kill them all then ?”

    Some of our best people have addressed these problems directly. I most certainly don’t believe that the lies were seeded by thousands of people. The Gulf of Tonkin wasn’t. Pearl Harbor wasn’t. 9/11 is very similar.

    People see two aircraft ram into the Twin Towers. One simple explanation for that is that the autopilots wre programmed with requisite waypoints to take the planes to their final destination with GPS accuracy.

    Ordinarily, the autopilots will return control to the pilot if the autopilot detects movement of the controls by the pilot. This is easily circumvented in the autopilots’ software. “Simply ignore any signals from the flight controls.”

    What are the hapless pilots to do, to regain control — dismantle and reprogram the autopilots in-flight? Fly-by-wire systems will have to address this problem in future. So four purported service engineers with access to the planes must be enlisted or corrupted. Since there are thousands of these folk, that’s not so difficult, frankly. Blackmail; threats; inducements; coercion; appeals to ideology — the same factors that make people act as spies…

    The “in-flight phones” issues have been addressed and demolished. A US Navy pilot and friend who flew ECM missions over Vietnam and worked as the RadioFrequency Spectrum Controller at a big USAF base has examined this issue exhaustively, as have others.

    Always, the best approach is to check the “evidence”; check the “source”; and check how YOU might do (whatever) to achieve the requisite outcome. The (garbled) Report of 9/11 Commission staffer Marco Cordero’s Interview with me, available from the National Archives NARA, gives my best guesses.

    Epistemologically, ALL knowledge is guesswork.

    We do know with some certainty that two planes hit the Towers. The identity of these planes is mysterious — we have none of the four giant near-indestructable ENGINES with their embossed serial numbers. NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani illegally ordered the entire crime scene to be cleared of all evidence, within some five weeks. Nearly all the debris was either scattered all over Lower Manhattan; or shipped off to China as scrap. Illegal and extraordinary — you know that plane wrecks are usually meticulously examined, and the plane reassembled in large hangars. Never done for the WTC planes. WHY NOT???

    The first strong presentation of the “Moslems with Box-Cutters” fable was broadcast on the morning of 12/11/2001 by one Jerome Hauer, Mayor Giuliani’s former Disaster Control Center controller, conveniently situated in WTC-7, which was destroyed late the previous day by a perfect controlled demolition.

    It was never hit by a plane; and the Beeb broadcast “news” of its destruction 20 minutes before it actually happened — you can still SEE the building over the TV reporter’s shoulder. Smiles…

    Never ASSUME, Dave: CHECK!!!

    That’s a fighter pilot’s motto, BTW.

    Pilotsfor911Truth have researched everything to do with the planes with the assistance of our star member, Jeff Latas, former President of the USAF Air Accidents Investigations Board… I strongly suggest you spend some time at our Web site so as to see the wealth of experience brought to all possible points arising from the Official 9/11 fable.


    Tony Hollick