The Steel Beast speaks for itself

David Davis 

The ultrabrite red diode is too bright. That is why there is masking tape over it, he does not like it (it’s fixable)…And I must try getting the meters to deflect.

The sound quality of this posting does not reflect what you heard in the room. It was saved on a rather crap 7.1MPxcl camera, with crap sound recording, and at VGA – 640 x 480.

The “sound stage” really does work. Stuff actually comes from where it’s supposed to, in the room. I had not experienced this, with nearly all the transistor amps I have built, expcet one, which approximated electrically to a valve amp and used power N-JFets.

You can have one for £2,750.

4 responses to “The Steel Beast speaks for itself

  1. Bodwyn Wook

    Ja, Boss, say…I need your wise advice, and/or LUC’s, please contact me at my email address as I need your help in tweaking this WordPress dashboard into letting me edit & change my OUTFRONT blogroll. I have tried and tried and positively cannot seem to make the sonofabitch roll over! (The buddy who set this up for me three years past is a leftist, as I think you can probably tell!) Thanks much:


  2. Don’t know what to do about hat, Bodwyn! I actually have same prob lem: this was set up and then the liberty-dudes who did it, who were terribly self-important, just buggered off.

    I’d like to change the front page as it’s a bit like the Sahara Desert. But I don’t know how, and nobody will help me.

    So I sympathise!

  3. I was sort of left on the dockyard… write things.

    The rest of them were too grand to do so. They are now all on Samizdata, and elsewhere.

    So, er, well, I did.

  4. You did the right thing, Dave.

    You’re better off without the conformist creeps…