Excellent update on Libertarian constutional theory discussion, via…

Bodwyn Wook, and The Landed Underclass.

Good old boys! (And why does not WordPress let me edit the typeface or even put in more text, if I have gone Italic, or vice versa?) David Davis (so I will have to go down here. Bum.) I can’t even get a new paragraph here now, (to the left of “I”,  and I wanted to say something else a bit different. You’ll all just have to wait, then.

Unless you can help. (Oh I got that one, but it was an “inside para”. Not wanted. As you can all see, I’m not a geek at all, you can see my Y-fronts.) 


Ideas, anyone? Oh and Bodwyn expands his ideas here.





7 responses to “Excellent update on Libertarian constutional theory discussion, via…

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  2. Its easier to edit the raw html that f8ck about with the word press editor. Above the top right of the wordpress edit box there are two tabs, one marked “Visual” and the other marked “HTML”. Try the html view for a bit.

  3. Bodwyn Wook

    Why — if indeed ’tis not allowed — may not the Queen withdraw prior assent in Privy Council to bills laid in this session and, thereby in vetoing these, veto also this Parliament, and thus precipitate your needed General Election, there?

  4. Bodwyn Wook post in some sort of imagined Shakespearean english that I find almost unreadable.

  5. post -> posts

  6. Emmett Smith

    I think that Mr Wook would call it all “addisonian,” or something. His idea, he says, is that the franchise ought, of course, be confined to the literate:


  7. Convluted, impenetrable prose is not indicative of deep thought. Rather the reverse.