The Libertarian Alliance

David Davis

Now that this blog seems to be attracting attention from important people, I have taken certain steps regarding the comments.

No comment moderation is in place. But a robot now scans the entirety of all comments for certain keywords, the list of which may change on a one-time-pad basis, or it may not.

The Robot will decide whether to let such things on, or not, in ways which from time to time may vary.

This blog like others is private property. We are pleased to let people onto it, at our pleasure.

This will maximise the enjoyment that readers get out of it.

9 responses to “The Libertarian Alliance

  1. Dave:

    WHOSE “private property” is “Libertarian Alliance Blog”? WHO are these “WE” people, pray?

    ‘Inquiring minds’ and all that… “For the record” and all that…



  2. Dave:

    Sir Karl Popper was never impressed by “great reputations”, least of all by “important people.”

    May we know what sorts of “luminary” you’re referring to?


  3. “That which goes against the Tao comes to an early end


  4. Now you’re piquing…

    Who? Is tony perhaps more important than any of them? Inside the Washington Beltway, you can get almost anything done if you don’r care who takes the credit for it.

    I don’t care. I don’t have to


  5. As to the blog, Tony:-

    Actually it belongs to me and Sean. We are the only ones who have paid any money to WordPress, for, er, you know, stuff.

    Yoo-know! So we can upload grain to t’-mill, and the like!

  6. Sacks and sacks of it!

    *.avi, *.doc, *.thingy, *.ogg (whatever that is) *.jpg, *. thing, *.pdf, *.troid, *.cia, *.MI5, *.MI6, *.KGB, *.puti, *.gwb (you never know when you might need Thermite!), *.wav, *.newlab, *.mov, *.fun, *.jgb (you can work out what that is, you should have been born in 1920 and been in Bletchley Park) and so on!

  7. Actually, I did know what *.jgb was, but now, I have forgotten, so I can’t help you either way…

  8. Dave:

    20 minute interview with Reagan Republican Richard Gage on Vancouver’s OMNI TV — VERY watchable!