And as a cleansing antidote to the Anna Bramwells of the planet, Hubble has been fixed.

David Davis

Here you go.

Here’s a good one:-


Better hang on tight, chaps.

Better hang on tight, chaps.

7 responses to “And as a cleansing antidote to the Anna Bramwells of the planet, Hubble has been fixed.

  1. Steven Northwood

    Some job, that, eh?

    Knowing good, and knowing evil, from beyond it.

  2. Yep pretty good. If Man has done nothing else in his short life, he has become the first creature to have self-hood, and to comprehend his own existence and that of the rest of the Universe at the same moment.

    Like being able to walk and chew gum at the same time, really.

  3. Yo Steven!!!

    This, just arrived!!!

    ———— * * * * * ————


    We wish to thank everyone who has contributed in securing our new home office. We are currently moved in and building the office to meet Pilots For 9/11 Truth standards for continued operations.

    For those who wish to contribute in making our new Headquarters a base of operations that will produce extremely effective analysis and presentations, feel free to use the ChipIn feature left margin of home page.

    Once again, we thank you for your support!


    ———— * * * * * ————

  4. Tony, what’s this got to do with Hubble please?

  5. If you want to promote conspiracy theories about 9/11, then you shall no longer spam my blog about them please. there is a wealth of websites out there about this very matter, on which you may comment.

    This is the last comment I will allow about 9/11 pilots and their truth.

  6. There’s something to admire in the US space program and the HST but there’s also a darker side.

    This is essentially pyramid or monument building by statists using looted money. What’s more the existence of a state program works to drive out a free market areospace enterprise.

    Some good may have come of it – like the Soviet education system (some people learnt to read and what not) but NASA and it’s doings are not exactly the results of free peoples in free markets.

    Took me years to accept this and (I suppose you’ll laugh) tears.

    A real space program in a real free market would be something to celerbrate. This isnt.

  7. Dave:

    And if Astronauts & NASA Pilots are members of Pilotsfor911Truth? Have you even taken the the elementary (my dear watson!) step of checking the membership List, which includes Bob Bowman, Chief of Reagan’s STAR WARS program and a decorated Combat Veteran?

    Do you wish to identify yourself as someone whi wishes to help the REAL malefactors of 911??

    John Ashcroft? Rudy Giuliani? Maybe even de facto President Dick Cheney, if a Federal Grand Jury so decides??

    “Yes” or “No” will do just fine for these purposes… Do you think the above-mentioned people are being unfairly maligned (even though you KNOW they are complicit in the torture and murder of innocent people???)

    Is “truth” for you synonymous with “political expedience” or what? As Orwell told us: “All propaganda is lies, even when it speaks the truth”

    — Have you any personal problem in seeing the authoritarian Ersatz-“Republican” movement in the US crashing and burning?? Do tell us, please…



    PS: My alternative is a whole lot better than a thousand years of darkness…

    Do tell…