These mountebanks may have claimed when they didn’t need to (but what was allowed), but they’ve got more style than the new labour NKVD

David Davis

Here’s the link for what they had, for the “second homes” shown below. I can’t be arsed to type or copy-paste all the figures. Anyway, the takings by these clowns don’t appear to be worse than any other MPs’ claims, and certainly less shamelessly-vast than ZanuLieBorg.

But their houses are much more interesting, and quintessentially English –  almost like the sort I’d have loved to own, had I been luckier or more competent in my life. Oh well never mind.


When they have “left Parliament”, they can always model for the Boden Catalogue. Or Hackett.


4 responses to “These mountebanks may have claimed when they didn’t need to (but what was allowed), but they’ve got more style than the new labour NKVD

  1. Christ on an NHS charity ward, that’s some swell housing, not a square foot of chipboard or that sordid plastic cladding in an acre of it!

    These pictures are straight out of Clifton-Taylor on the patterns of classic English building through all the ages and parts of the country….

    Kind of like Old Churchill ain’t they all just?

    Hmm, only just….except…well, Churchill did pay for Chartwell out of his own pocket with the books and articles and radio talks he churned out for years.

    I just wish we all could get a look at the absolute crap these DC hacks and buffoons and shitheels over here ARE pulling.

    Back to fixing on my old hay mower…sigh.

  2. Plus all but three of ’em have what we call “grins on their faces like a cat eating shit!”

  3. A superb example of CITIZEN RESEARCH!!!

    Surely, it must say something about the core values of these people, that they choose such fine houses. Or perhaps their wives choose them (but that would tell us even more about their core valus, No?)

    Genuinely interesting puzzle for the Pizzle Palace…. Smiles


    PS: None of those houses is a Castle, with crenellated battlements and moat… -RH

  4. Hmm, blog in haste, repent at leisure as they say, so it goes in the all-in world of /incisive/ on-line comment and /decisive/ opinion-shaping, tsk…whereas I see now that THESE rooks shown here are a load of Tories and claimed “only” a few mower repairs and such, all seemingly quite within the loose-bowelled rules.

    (I really must write up soon the case of MN would-be Republican Senator Norm Colrman, but I am having too much fun rooting around in your mess, oh well, one of these days — BW)