Libertarian Alliance announces new blogging award.

Fred Bloggs.

I, Fred Bloggs, officially present the award for the 500,000+ Words-per-Comment Grand Challenge Cup to….                                                                  

Tony Hollick!


5 responses to “Libertarian Alliance announces new blogging award.

  1. A wholly deserved award.

  2. See if you can do a long one, Tony, without too many http links in it – (the spamthingy stops it if you do. Nothing to do with me guv…)

  3. Gimme delivery via DHL NOW!!!

    I’d love to have it in my living room, displayed with pride… Smiles

    Tony Hollick

    Apt. 4 Grayling House

    Canford Road



    Earth (Middle-)

  4. Let’s hope you win it next year too, Tony old chap!

  5. Steven Northwood

    Commander-in Chief Fleet Bloggs on cracking form! Lol.