Money or sex, it’s all the same thing…or is it?

David Davis

When young, I used to half-joke, but only half joke, about this. It was that whereas “Tories” were always found with their trousers down while shagging the wrong girls (and resigned promptly) and “Liberals” did boys (and sort of half-resigned), socialists on the other hand had other interests. They were always found with their hands in the till, and didn’t resign. (Remember people like Lord Kagan, Poulson etc?)

It seems they still don’t resign.  Instead, they “fight for their political life” (I bet they do) and are said to be “doing a good job in government”.

Makes you wonder what the course of British politics would have been if, say, John Profumo, Lord Lambton or Cecil Parkinson had “fought for their political lives”. Personally, I’d have shagged a young Christine Keeler within about 90 seconds if she’d been offered, and probably continued to keep quiet about it, since in those days tarts didn’t understand how to go to the dead-tree-press and kiss-and-tell, and Max Clifford had not been invented. I have no clue whether Profumo was a “good” “secretary for war” or not: perhaps someone could enlighten me here. But he was probably no worse than any of the other various incompetent nonentities we’ve had, and all he got was sex, and a public drubbing for admitting it.

Sean Gabb is inclined to be lenient with NewLabour expenses-shysters. He thinks there should be a “committee of truth and reconciliation”, at which, if all these lefty buggers freely admit what they’ve pinched, and apologise publicly, they will be allowed to keep their pensions, and possibly the money and houses too. 

I’m not so sure, me. Being lenient with these people “sends the wrong message”: we must show, to the whole world, that socialism, like crime, does not pay, and that their sins will find them out. we don’t want after all, to keep having to go through these periodic generational torments, in which we think we’ve expunged socialism as a credible meme, only to find it’s got back worse than before, like Ground Elder.

For the children, literally.

The Last Ditch thinks his smile is as fresh as ice.

6 responses to “Money or sex, it’s all the same thing…or is it?

  1. When I come to power on the crest of vast popular uprising (next year) I mean to put the enemy classes on trial in a Nuremberg style event for crimes against humanity.

    I expect it to get out of hand, of course, and eventually the Commitee for Love and Kisses or some such will drag me to the guillotine.

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  3. My truth and Reconciliation Commission is intended to get these scumbags to admit in public and in full to all their derelictions in government. In return for this, they will be let off. What WE get is their obliteration as a class. They will no longer be able to oppose a Government of National Restoration when they are all confessed rogues and liars.

    I agree that stripping them all naked – and even hanging a few – sounds more fun in the short term. Even so, we have to think of the longer term.

  4. Sean, I do not for one second believe that, on being let off, they will do the following (as I believe that you wish):-

    (1) Abjure socialism in all its forms, and swear on the True Cross (or whatever) never to practise it again actively upon others,

    (2) Become model liberal sovereign individuals within a Classical liberal minimal-state, freely and cheerfully participating in markets, together with all the people they previously hated and despised and feared, and enjoying liberty along with the same,

    (3) Forget what was done to them _/even though they were right/_ (they kept saying so didn’t they!) and go forward (going forward, lessons having been learned)….

    No, sorry. These scumbags are fundamentally, institutionally evil, and they chose that path willingly and on purpose. Theft is a crime. The motivation for crime, as regards the Natural Rights of others, is the decision to commit it.

    They did not thieve up all these expenses accidentally in their sleep as technical or “clerical” errors. Nor did Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Gramsci and all those others whose names I don’t even know ‘coz I live up here, accidentally dream up, through typing errors, the meme of socialism.

    Nor did Fabians negligently stray into strategically-planned, long-term wickedness-planning against liberalism.

    No, the whole shooting-match was pre-arranged, on purpose, and the results they have got are what they were trying for.

    I’m not on the side of Obnoxio the Clown here, in terms of ropes and lamp-posts and piano-wire. But while they have life and breath, they must be made to _drain_, thoroughly, until they die, naturally (it is to be hoped) the cup of bitterness they have made for others cheerfully and consciously.

    It would even be fun to bring in ID cards, as a sort of April Fool joke, simply to not allow them to have any, for their lives: they could buy nothing, not even at Tesco – they could not open a Bank Account – they could not buy a house – they could not buy petrol, wine or even cigarettes (which would be freely available and entirely legal again.) They could not travel abroad….to Bandung or wherever else they wanted to go. They would not be able to get jobs in Nurseries, let alone schools or universities.

    It would be tremendous fun, to torment these people, until they died.

    To have decided, voluntarily, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that socialism is the way forward, and that it should be also executed in the way they said, together with the perquisites that they demanded, is a simple dereliction of reason.

    They “chose poorly” as the man said at the end of “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade”.

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