I can’t believe he knowingly allowed that to happen…

David Davis


Either he meant it, or the continuity-girly was not paying attention to the photographer’s angles.

Poor little Prince Harry got hung/drawn/quartered for rather less.

How sad. Poor Gordon Brown is actually not a bad-looking man if we are honest about it,  _and also_  if he’d smile more, but he’s f****d that one up already. When  he now smiles, youtube goes mental and half the planet laughs: the other half is mercifully unaware of him and his works.

In real life he’d probably be able to be a reasonably jovial and not very successful small shopkeeper. You can imagine him behind his hardware counter, in a brown labcoat with biros in the top pocket, grinning at his locals who pop in for a crack and a hello. Better place for him really. Then he’d die and half the town would turn out for his funeral, as is customary in such places.

At least Samizdata thinks Mary Riddell (who is he?) thinks he’s the bee’s knees for Labour. I must admit, I too have been wondering what all these funny lefty blokes are doing writing for the Quisling Harrumphograph, when they’ve already got most of the Dead Tree Press on their side.

The poor, poor soul could have had a better life.

But he would have to choose leftism, wouldn’t he. Sad. Sad.

And now we have a Swine Flu Tsar….oh well, never mind.

3 responses to “I can’t believe he knowingly allowed that to happen…

  1. I am sure he had another hissy fit when he saw this. No doubt another visit to the local Nokia repair shop is in order.

  2. Steven Northwood

    One of the most asute advocates of the liberation of the poor, in the foreground of the symbol of the idea which above all has given Europe it’s Original Sin.

    Not that I’m complaining likes, but I’ve always really liked the Scotsman, he’s of the best of the bunch (the Scots) and I reckon he really does want to help people. With his credentials, knowledge and talent, he could have built a very healthy life for himself.

    I know the First Sea Lord will object to that, but if he were PM – which he very nearly could have been- I’d like to think he’d appreiciate someone speaking his virtues after all the invariable mud-slinging such as Gordon endures.

    He’s not a Nazi- moreover the stars might be more significant, depending on your acknowledgement of the colour and it’s connotations of merit – just someone who should have fallen through Henry Ford past Adam Smith into Ludwig von Mises and sat there watching Milton Friedman as he gained consciousness.

    The world might well have been saved then.

    [erg, what a cheesey end to a comment] :-)

  3. Steven Northwood

    Nice edits to the dashboard dear Admiral, Chris has a pop!

    (We all should on his behalf).