A request for Gordon.

 Fred Bloggs

In the face of the current economic crisis, the collapse of the housing market, the raiding of pensions, the nationalisation of banks, and “Jolobial Warmin’”, Gordon Brown should do what any respectable and honourable man would do in this situation.

Commit suicide.

Since this might be a bit hard for Gordon to decide himself, I have put it to a vote on how he will commit suicide.

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6 responses to “A request for Gordon.

  1. Can he do it live on the telly? I have always enjoyed reruns of the trial and execution of Mr and Mrs Ceucescu.

  2. Let’s pull back the veil of Secrecy covering “9/11″



  3. And let’s inveil Blairite Cpnspiracy re: “9/11″…


    And the London Bombongs…


  4. And…

    The list hereabouts is endless…

    He couldn’t live long enough to see the end of it all


    Special access Programs…

    Want more?

    Just say the word… smiles…


  5. I agree with Sean. It would be a day of national rejoicing, could we also throw in Alstair Darling and Six-Chins Prescott