Not the real Endarkenment, then…

David Davis

Poor, sad, tormented Prince Charles is at it again: not actually the Green Custard, but the blathering on about “climate change”, this time in front of the Pope.

Oh, the irony! The fulfilment of his wish will bring about precisely what he fears. Really, the world is upside down.

And why do women persist in covering their heads in fromt of the Pope? It just plays into the hands of certain pre-capitalist tribalisms, and shoots us all in the foot.

5 responses to “Not the real Endarkenment, then…

  1. Dave:

    Try to understand that very rich, powerful, well-situated people who will suffer no real cost from ANY measures against “Global warming” value almost beyond ANYTHING ELSE (!!!) Smiles … the beautiful surroundings within which they live: and that they can convince theselves that what they’re doing is the “Right thing to Do” for everyone…

    As Karl Popper says, most problems are not caused by [eople who are clever bit wicked; but rather, by people who are GOOD, perhaps even ‘too good’, but who are simply unable to understand the real facts.

    When advised by others (who might well be ‘water-melons” — Green on the outside, but Red on the inside), WE GOT PROBLEMS !!! Smiles…



    PS: And if it turns out that ther e really is some sort of “Global Warming” problem which has other — natural — causes, it would be rational and prudent to research and develop scientific, technological ways of dealing with ut.


  2. Steven Northwood

    He likes a crafty glass of the cooking sherry doesn’t he? In a way he has a point though. One way or another hydrocarbons, or fossil fuels, will need to be phased out, that is before the remaining deposits become unrecoverable. Who knows how long it’ll take to exaust them all, they’ve been putting back the depletion date for decades, but still, they’ll run out one day.

    And so an alternative must be found otherwise our standard of living must certainly fall, which is completely possible by my reckoning. Whether we enter a Dark Age or an Enlightenment depends on how we intend to tackle the issue.

    Don’t worry, I’m working on it, rest assured eh…? :-)

    • Steven,

      I am prepared to accept, in principle, that “fossil fuels” will in the fullness of time become economically unrecoverable.

      This will probably take 200-300 years, and coal has more life in it that that.

      But the remedy is staring us in the face: nuclear for now (it can be done and is very well understood, even by the unfortunate Skoda people who were forced to build the rubbish we know about, from the wrong-stolen-plans at Czernobyl) and fusion in time.

      Hydrogen fuel cells would do I suppose for slow unexciting local transport, providing that we have enough energy to do electrolysis of water on a large scale.

      But Prince Charles has certainly been got at by somebody, and somebody bad, who does not have your interests at heart.

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  4. Steven Northwood

    Oh, coal’s okay, and it’s as cheap as chips due to modern mining techniques apparently. I agree that coal is something that can always be relied upon, for the intermediate future. At least it keeps us relatively independant.

    I’d usually say that there’s no quick fix to this problem, but it all rests on setting the agenda. I think a mixture of tried-and-tested along with ongoing research and development is what is needed. It’s always worked before!