Even Superman needs saving sometimes. Gorgon has hit a real shitty patch. In fact, as it stood last week, he was positively drowning in shit, smears, fuck ups and disasters. He needed something to distract the whole country (in fact, the whole world!!!) from what an almighty cluster fuck NuLieBore have turned out to be. I’m not saying that he has been on his knees every night, praying for a 9/11 but I’m sure the idea has never been far from his thoughts.

Gorgon and the rest of the troughing Ickle-Piggies needed something (sooooooo badly) that would unite the British public, scare them shitless and more importantly, divert their attention from all the shit that is yet to hit the fan. It looks like Gorgon and all of his pals have had their prayers answered. And how aptly that saviour is named

Swine Flu.

BBC………………UK probes ‘17 swine flu reports’

Daily Mail………25 people undergo swine flu tests in Britain

Sky………………..Swine Flu: 16 possible cases tested in UK

Telegraph……….25 cases of possible swine flu reported in Britain

Express………….Swine Flu confirmed in UK

Sun………………..Swine Flu confirmed in UK

Mirror……………Swine Flu: 17 possible cases in UK

Guardian…………Europeans urged to avoid Mexico and US…..

These are all headline stories from the MSM. Now, we know they love a good scare scandel to get the dead wood moving, but when I say Gorgon and the rest have been begging waiting for this, Al Johnson was so quick off the starting blocks today, I wouldn’t be surprised if he left his swill untouched. It took over 400 very dead people to draw his attention to Stafford but he was in the Commons, spouting shite at ‘Clocking On’ time today.

I predict that Gorgon will fuck off to Ibiza/Switzerland/Zimbabwe to chair up an International meeting regarding the threat of Swine Flu. This will be done in the next 3 days, thus helping him avoid his latest shit fit bill bombing in the house. UPDATE – Have just noticed this – MP attendance pay plan is shelved.

Need I say more – NuLieBore and the MSM will play this ‘Bad Cold’ to the hilt. It will be used to divert/delay a lot of shit. Unless of course they fuck it right up like they did Foot and Mouth and Blue Tongue – which we know they will.

This is a double post, but I am very chuffed with it !!!!!!!!!!!

7 responses to “Irony

  1. has anyone actually died from it yet? apart from the poor mexicans, i mean anyone in a richer country like the us?

    • Don’t think so….

      But don’t underestimate the power of GramscoFabiaLefties to try to get someone killed, say in a NHS “hospital”, so as to talk up the terror-threat.

      I mean, if everybody has as we know been reduced to gibbering gamma-minus-semi-morons by ZanuLieBorg’s purposefully-directed “education” “”policy” and “strategico-industrially-focussed-content-improvement” (which is to say, “Big Brother celebs tonight”, then what the Maily Dail says about it tomorrow will define the country’s reaction to it.

  2. GramscoFabiaNaziHospitals, otherwise known as “health care providers”, are places you can’t contact when you are desperately in need of help, or else they can also be places you can go to in order to become very ill.

    There are very very very many fewer of these places under socialism than there were under capitalism. this is called “economics” by socialists.

    Under Wilson/Callaghan for example, “Labour” (it was not “new” then) managed to close 273 MORE hospitals than the Conservatives did under Thatcher/Major.

    Tony Blair/John Smith (the latter is the really really arch-socialist liar, never forget) managed to position that as “Tory Cuts”.

  3. John Smith is Orwell’s “Major”, to Brown’s “Napoleon”, and Blair might just as well be “Molly”.

  4. Dave:

    One of the terroristic threats directed at me by the swine at Southmead Police Station was to ‘lock me up’ overnight, to be examined by a psychiatric “Social Worker Team” the follweing morning. A chilling threat indeed, the more so when all I am doing there is to carry through what the Crown Prosecution Headquarters had instructed me to do, namely file formal complaints with the police so that they would investigate the matters at issue, and report to the CPS so that they could take prosecutive action as necessary.

    The CPS people repeatedly and plaintively emphasized to me that they had no powers to order the police to investigate _anything at all; and that they had no investigative capacity of their own…

    Clearly, it is long overdue for the CPS to have (or to have assess to) independent investigatory capabilities.

    The entire Official Police force structure can then be liquidated, and everyone who wants one can be issued with a free GPS-equipped personalized Search-And-Rescue emergency Radio Alarms, which are already available for people exploring remote areas, with the emergency fully-ID’d signal being received by an alreafy existing network of space sattelites. Emergency Rescue services would compete to provide the fastest possible response, with the most effective Close Personal Protection Services available on the market.

    League Tables of incidents and response descriptions would be publically-available to enable to make the most effective and economic choices possible. The entire “Protect-and-Serve” business would then be customer- and event-driven instead of acting as the State’s Occupying Army and a corrupt rent-seeking and malice-driven nightmare, which is what it is right now for far too many people.

    “The Power of Nightmares” is an excellent three-part series on how the State unundates the public with real and/or imaginary nightmare scenarios so as to terrify the population, then to make them more and more dependent on State-provided “rescues.” Adam Curtis has done a signal public service in exposing and illustrating how the Political Class has given up offering Utopias to appeal to us, and is now simply seeking to terrify everyone into submission to their arbitrary will.

    In a ‘police’ conference on CIX, about a third of the participants were sctive-duty police officers. Most concurred that — were all the existing Police Forces to be liquidated tomorrow — there would perhaps a blip in the crime rate for a week or two while superior competing replacement services commenced in business offering REAL “Serve-and-Protect” services to everyone. A really exceppent service could operate on the per capita taxes paid to the police right now, to provide a “service” which extorts, follows its own hidden agendas, and constantly reinforces regimes of attempted Social Control which are guaranteed to evoke great anger and hostility iin response.

    “This ain’t no ‘Technmological breakdown’

    This the Road to Hell… Smiles…


  5. Dave:

    There’s a great opportunity for a good Investigative Journalist (if there are any left…) to collect the ‘stats on the number of people who die every year in police custody, or (more usually) “on the way to hospital” following an “ocurrence” or “problem” or whatever, during incarceration. It runs into the thousands every year…

    MURDER ‘under colour of Law.’


  6. I’m also wondering, having re-read the post, if it will have anything else in common with foot and mouth? like being traced back to a lab for instance?