Taking a break today

The massed phalanxes of Libertarian Alliance expanding young writers all have other stuff to do today, so apologies for light posting. no doubt the government, being on pronciple unlibertarian, will think of something noteworthy to do, or not do, tomorrow, and we shall all be back.

For one thing, some have been playing with their rig:-




Others have been trying to finish this project:-


3 responses to “Taking a break today

  1. marxistchicken

    The steel beast, it lives!…or does it?

  2. Chris Morriss

    Is that four KT88s per channel? (expensive!)

  3. Yup it is!

    I can build one for you if you want, but it’ll cost £239 each for the output transformers. The rest is chickenfeed apart form the KT88s, unless you want all-new-lovely components and a swish chassis.

    The meters are out of Avro Lancasters, but I guess the next beasts will have to have “ordinary” ones.