Ghurkhas – baaad! English Imperial History – baaad! Muttly-culturalism – gooood!

David Davis

I was going to do the Ghurkhas today, as a result of this, but other chores intervened, and now The Landed Underclass has covered the issues much more insightfully already, and also yet again sadly, today.

You can’t help feeling that this crowd of evil scumbags impersonating a government, because it has no experience of real-world-reality outside lefty student activism, either despises honour, commitment and duty (not very strongly-indicated attricbutes among “student activists”) or else simply does not understand it.

Or maybe they think everything even remotely associated with “imperialism” is simply evil and wicked….except for their own sort, the real one.

One response to “Ghurkhas – baaad! English Imperial History – baaad! Muttly-culturalism – gooood!

  1. Patterns of selective remembrance, obligation and historianship are part and parcel of a certain mythology; the Ghurkas are the latest casualties of a languid credentiallist kind of aetiolating myth of ‘progress’. It is the struggle to be ‘in control’ of the definition of this that lies at the heart of the matter. As in any power struggle other, finer, moralities must go to the wall. It is a political struggle.

    The real question for us, as the men and women of constitutional liberty, is what lessons must we learn so that, come the day, we do not make such a dog’s dinner of freedom again?