Either he does not “get it” or else he is wicked: one or the other: which would you prefer?

UPDATE1:- And if you are the MSM, why try to support him politically, say by shafting our friend Guido on the one hand, while you are then trying to rubbish Brown’s taxation-proposals on the other hand? Make up your minds, sonofabitch(es).

Either you must  __shit__  , or get off the pot. (And let us have a go. The latrine is less than half full right now.)


David Davis

Go read him.

6 responses to “Either he does not “get it” or else he is wicked: one or the other: which would you prefer?

  1. Right stated objectives; needs to read


    People are more often unknowing than wicked, Dave…


    PS: since when was £150m000 a year “Middle England”??? Have you (or anyone you know) actually worked to earn £150,000 a year????



  2. The lustreless eyes, the slack lip and jowls, the half a day of whiskers…this guy is just normal. He is Post Office normal. He’s just another dime-a-dozen supervisor and a fool. Don’t overrate the stupidity, as MuHammad Nejmi says, or else YOU will fall right smack dab into the turds too.

    (Anyway, count your blessings, at least this character doesn’t seem to use hair dye like these rotten God-damned thieves over here!)

  3. Steven Northwood

    What does ‘MSM’ stand for?

  4. James Halifax

    Mainstream Media, my dear.

  5. John Thames:

    You ask:

    “Does it occur to you that had Hitler been allowed to make an alliance with the British as he had wished that the whole problem would have been avoided?”

    Yes, John, I used to consider it. And I cane to see that Nazism had incorporated the Core Structures of the NKVD (which OberGripprnFuhrer Heinrich Mueller greatly admired, for its all-embacing Socoal Control potential) directly into the heart of the Nazi State.

    There were for mostlpractical purposes NO DIFFERENCES ANY MORE between Nazism and Stalinism. Occasionally, dufferent categories of victims, is all.

    There were (and are) easily enough Control Freaks in Britain who would have _desired_ such Absolute Powers. .

    They and their Control Systems would have merged into further clones of Hitlerism and Stalinism. The British ‘Public School System’ was DESIGNED to produce obedient ‘Lieutenant Classes’, and Leaders for an Empire which would have become ever more despotic and hateful..

    Amongst the most shameful High Crimes of Nazism was its degradation of the clear Northern Lights of Scandinavian High Culture; of Celtic High Culture; and of Saxon High Culture .
    ———— * * * * ————

    To have destroyed JRR Tolkien’s magnificent, inspiring literary work would have been amongst the most destructive of all possible attacks on Western Civilazation itself. And a doomed, disastrous attempted attack on the Force of the Central Order.

    For Nazism worshipped the cruel Power of the Roman Empire, not the spirit of Athens nor even Sparta.

    ———— * * * * ————

    To have thewn away five of the foundational bases of Western Civilization eould have been one of the greatest high crimes in the long, grim history of all Mankind.

    ———— * * * * ————

    Should Western Civilization, of all the great Civilizations, with its priceless potential to learn from — and integrate — the best disparate values of all the other Civilizations, to have been destroyed?

    And this, for a few tranient, posturing., absurd, banal and incompetent authoriitarian Fihrer- figures??

    ———— * * * * ————

    That, John, would have been a morally-disgusting, profitless, coward’s course.

    ———— * * * * ————

    Violating the clearest of Moral Bright Lines is _always_a sure road to defeat and ruin…

    As “TortureGate” is presaently most instructively showing us as of right now.


    ———— * * * * ————

    “The Secret of Happiness is Freedom; and the Secret of Freedom is Courage”

    —- Thucydides; Classical Greek hilosopher and General.

    ———— * * * * ————