That’s it – lights out

David Davis

New 50% tax rate “on the rich”.

Some will go, because they can. The taxation take will be neutral at best, and he has not heard of the Laffer Curve. Or he has, and is justbeing deliberately socialist and thus wicked on purpose. (I’m sure Tony H will plangently and loftily advise that it’s been superceded by something better and more relevant, discrediting some American heroes into the bargain. Oi!!! You, Hollick, at the back there, heckling. Pay attention!)

ZanuLieBorg will pick up a couple of points in the polls, to -17%.

Brown will call an election and will win by 13 seats. Ballot boxes will have been found to have been tampered with. We will be told “move along, there’s nothing to see here”. The BBC will rejoice on election night at the perspicacity of the British People.

Enough for him, for a bit longer.

If UK “plc” was a company, all that would need to be decided is for how long to send the directors and auditors to prison.

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  1. Dave:

    You may not have noticed, but ‘the back of the class’ is as far as I can get from physical attacks; and it’s also the nearest to the way out should it become necessary to evacuate in a hurry… (Smiles)

    I’m into restitution, not pinishment. Rather than execute or imprison the Crony-Capitalists (and their governmental “Revolving-Door-Mates”, I want to get them to give back as much of the money they stole from us as fast as may be possible.

    Is this really so unreasinable? Have you a better idea?

    The giant Bubbles were engineered to make Crony-Capitalism look good and to be even more lucrative to the thieves and scoundrels we are pleased to call our “Ruling Class.”

    The first task allocated to CDR Menzues at MI5 was to disciver the chief causes of revolutionary sentiment in the UK. His masters expected the answer: “Fenianism.”

    Instead, CDR Menzies reported back that his investigations had discovered the chief causes of revolutionary sentiment to be:

    [A] The foolish and dangerous ostentation of the rich…

    [B] The widespread sentiment that the society aND the conomy were rigged in favour of a ruling Class of profiteers and specilators…

    [C] The intolerable lack of affordable low-cost housing, which reduced millions of people to living in poverty and squalour whilst having exorbitant rack-rents levied upon them by the Landlord Class….

    Is this really so different from what you and I are saying, Dave? Truthfully?



    PS: PC Plod and I made nice in a telephone conversation in which he thanked me for being concerned about the safety of someone in Birmingham (the crime capital of England, BTW).

    Thanks so much for suppressing the posts describing what was happening to me, BTW…

    Takes real courage to do that, eh?

  2. The Dixie Chicks sing it so Damn well…

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  3. We give you The Dixie Chicks…