The Enemy Class. But Prince Charles is generally right about buildings, and in that he should be heeded.

David Davis

Peter Oborne toga-rips the Enemy Class, starting with MPs and their hangers-on. Wonder when they will start actually to be called that?

Sean Gabb is the first libertarian writer, I believe, to admubrate the concept of an “Enemy Class”, and popularise the concept: this is a class of persons which hijacks and infects the body-politic of an otherwise liberal nation, to enrich itself while restricting the terms of discourse for the masses in a Gramsco-Marxian direction.

And this one is sailing dangerously close to their position, in some respects. He’s probably susceptible to their blandishments, on account of them all wanting to brown-nose him. But he  __is__  right about architecture. He should be allowed to influence what goes on here, more, and it would endear him more to most people.

2 responses to “The Enemy Class. But Prince Charles is generally right about buildings, and in that he should be heeded.

  1. My I suggest instead of, or at least in addition to “enemy class”, the distinction “parasitical elite class” be used?

    “Parasitical Elites are unnatural people who drain others. They are humanoids who live by usurping, swindling, or destroying values produced by others. To exist, they must prevent honest, integrated thinking by others. For survival, they depend on ego “justice” and force-backed political policies.”

  2. They depend on concurrence, fear and coercion, not excluding torture and murder.

    Makes no difference to the victims whether the abusers are “State” or “Private.” Just people crossing moral “Bright Lines.”

    You know this. I know this.

    Difference [1] or Difference [2] — makes no real difference at all.

    Power over other people is inherently coercive. Actions are still just as coercive if coerced and abused people are on land you claim to “own.” All “ownership” is elaborate social convention.

    Come back to all this when you understand it.

    Being left on my own rsources in snowy Brussells with a plane to catch taught me this very, very clearly. Power-lusters are all of a kind — pestilential to mankind…