Why are educated and cultured people driven to espouse socialism?

It seems to me to be such terrible dereliction of duty, deliberately, by individuals who have had the finest education that money can buy – or even not even buy….some, at least, realis this and take steps.

David Davis

I am neither educated nor cultured, and have no class. That’s why I’m not famous, don’t know anyone who matters at all, and live here. (It’s the safest way to be.)

I went through a socialist phase when I was, oh, about 14 or 15, having delved into WW1 poetry and prose such as Wilf Owen, Sassoon, and Graves, and literature, for “O levels” – even tending to think poor old Haig was a butcher on purpose because he thought it was fun and hated poor people and enjoyed watching them being killed (that’s what we were told even then.) But very soon, on doing more research, socialism began to make no sense, and I happily dropped it in favour of going to the pub with my fellow students, pie/chips/beans for five shillings in The Lamb and Flag at lunchtime (and a pint was probably about two bob or a little less) and thought no more about it. Heath was in power, nearly, and all would be right with the world when we joined the EEC.

But now, as a libertarian of nearly half a century’s standing, I can’t make it out. I can’t work out why really really clever people like Philip Gould, and his daughter, want  _actively_  to  _be_  socialists, and want actively to   _do_   socialism to others_  …. I just can’t think why. Perhaps it’s a Jihad that they are doing: and perhaps I am a jihadist-turned-upside-down, so I just can’t understand.

I mean, look, just go, Georgina, to somewhere not far from Erith etc, just go to Peckham (do you know where it is without your satnav?) and  __look__ at the place. It’s socialism wott dunn it, never mind what Terry Eagleton said.

Do you want poeple to live in places like that, run by people like you?

One response to “Why are educated and cultured people driven to espouse socialism?

  1. Howard R Gray

    The one good thing about socialism is that it never works! As they used to say “socialism is dog eat dog and communism is quite the reverse.”