So bloggers might do important stuff after all

David Davis

Old chum Brian Mickelthwait best sums up the Damian McBride-Derek Draper-Guido Fawkes-Iain Dale thingy meme.

The Internet has broken out of adolescence, and is acquiring the A-I attributes of an educated Classial liberal adult, itself, albeit just a  collection of about a billion silicon droids linked by some wire and plastic glass.

Perhaps we’d all better be regulated, and soon, then this sort of embarrassing revelation would not occur.

3 responses to “So bloggers might do important stuff after all

  1. Dave:

    No stopping us now…

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    • If this is 9/11 conspiracy/halliburton/bushitler did it/thermite stuff, what’s it doing on a post about Damian Mcbride and the leftist smearing of some Tories?

      And on the other post too, Tony?

  2. I think that might be what is known as a spam comment?
    in any case, on the internet ai thing… there are jellyfish, i believe, that are not really creatures as such, but colonies of smaller creatures acting in concert. only slightly ot!