New, improved weaponised dustbins.

Peter Davis

Now, I know that I and Fredd Bloggs are going about this like a couple of children, and I apologise, but these will be the last weaponised dustbins. 

(I promise…  …unless Fred does one thats better than mine)

Oh, here you are:-

The Flying Dustbin

The Flying Dustbin





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5 responses to “New, improved weaponised dustbins.

  1. marxistchicken

    This means WAR!!!

  2. Mine are obviously better than yours though.

  3. Oh, we now have better than that…

    THOUSANDS of them… fully loaded…

    [ FX: “Armed and ready to rock n roll…” ]

    Just watch this…

    The Truth, armed and dangerous…

    [ FX: “ACTION!!!” ]



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