More food-fascists and obesity-nazis, for our good and for the children, and to save the arctic ice


And as Chris Tame said: ” BEANZ MEANZ FARTZ ” Plus this just in, that even though the arctic ice shelf is thicker, it’s thinner


Looks pretty thick to me

Looks pretty thick to me



David Davis

“….and GPs are _expected to test_ 2.25 million people a year.” In the “drive to tackle obesity”.

I guess that the merely sick people will just have to wait longer.

And longer.

And food-rationing cannot be far behind. These f*****g British “academic” bastards and politechNazis, writing today in the “british Journal of Sports Medicine”, whatever that is, will just have to go. here’s the abstract. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:-

Correspondence to: 
Dr Davey
Staffordshire University, Centre for Sport and Exercise Research, Brindley Building, Leek Road, Stoke on Trent ST11 9JS, UK;



Traditional treatment strategies and public health interventions aimed at reducing the incidence of obesity are proving inadequate at controlling the global epidemic of this condition. The mainfocus of any intervention should be on preventing small excesses of weight, which lead to large weight gain over time, as once a large amount of excess weight is gained, it is very difficult to lose. The only effective approach is for governments to implement radical policy change, to regulate food consumption and control the food industry in a similar way to that of the tobacco industry, by banning the advertising of selected produce, taxing certain foods, and rationing the purchase of others.


Keywords: environment; food rationing; obesity; prevention; weight maintenance

10 responses to “More food-fascists and obesity-nazis, for our good and for the children, and to save the arctic ice

  1. Dave:

    These unspeakable oligarchs talk as if our bodies are their property, and that they have some imagined “right” to “control” what we eat! Completely unbe-fucking-leivable!

    I want to lose 4 stone; but I’ll do it my way, with the help of Dr. Jerry Lynch of ‘TaoSports’, who reckons he can help me to turn cartwheels in four months without undue hardship. He’s Trainer to the U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Team.



    PS: .50 Caliber BMG rounds will reduce the all-up weight of these food-Nazis quite considerably…

  2. These people are mad.

  3. This is a load of crap. If you eat meat, animals properly fed (NOT on soy meal and ethanol “distillers’ mash”) ARE good for you, hydrogenated oil is NOT, and “safe vegetable spread” is bullshit and a plain ox for morons only! For the lowdown on all that and a LOT more, see the Weston A Price website:

    And remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, but…:

    “F-CK the gover’ment!” [Lenny D, Old Mankato, MN, 1980]

  4. To Ian:

    No they are not mad: they know precisely how to undermine and destroy our civilisation, which they wish to do absolutely, and plan for, and work towards, carefully, these days, as GramscoFabiaNazis.

    They have no reason to exist except to do evil by holding up the slow but sure movement of Man towards enlightenment. To do this, they must get back to being pre-liberal, barbarian warlords, with all the perks of that: which includes the best young women to f***, and the real associates of same can go hang or worse. It includes also the cattle and the cultivated pastures of those whom they have killed in order to f*** their women and make more pre-capitalist BarbariaBabies….

    …their plan is working out, to some extent, via the DHSS and “allowances” for feral youths and single mums with “kids”: the places are such as Bootle, and Doncaster, and Glasgow-Keppochhill/Drumry/Parkhead/Craigmillar.

    For it to work, the money has to come from the coping classes, via taxation which they are too busy to substantially oppose.

    To Emmett:
    You are right: it is that. But you will thus, of course, be writing in the fullness of time about the iniquity of socialist-directed promotion of food-rationing for human beings, in a world where it is no longer required to take place.

  5. to Tony:

    It’s no use just pretending to want to go round shooting people these days….saying that you know about what gun does what is not exactly going to help us here on the LA. We don’t have any, have no chance of acquiring any, and what we could get would be heavily outgunned by the State in any case…

  6. Dave:

    I do not want to shoot people — any people.

    I most certainly wouid never PRETEND to want to.

    It IS true that I — and others — have extensive knowledge concerning guns, knowledge which was imparted to me in an official capacity.

    It would be fully legal for YOU to acquire a Fifyu Caliber rifle in this country, provided only that you applied for and obtained a relevant Firearms Certificate. There is a lively .50 Caliber Rifle Shooting community in this country. Handguns are permitted in Northern Ireland (oddly enough).

    Since I have neither the need nor the inclination to engage in armed conflict with the (British) State, your point seems inconsequential… (smiles)


    • s’OK Tony!

      I was just making a point for public consumption, that’s all. All these blogs are as you know fully-public, and read by “the authorities”…..

      your old mate,

  7. Dave:

    ‘Fairy ‘Nuff!!! (Smiles)

    Your mate,


    “One Nation; Under Surveillance; With CCTVs and ‘Phone Taps for all…”


    [ FX: “I am NOT a ‘number’ — I am a FREE MAN !” ] (Sound of distant mocking laughter…)

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  9. Strength through joy. Bastards.