So that’s curtains for pubs then.

David Davis

“More than 200 MPs” are backing a campaign to……”

…where have we heard all that self-regarding tripe before? When will the goverNazis realise that, not only have we all realised that what they touch (or regulate) turns to dust and ashes, but that we are fast realising that they are doing it on purpose?

Measures to save the “Great British Pub”, as outlined by The Libertarian Alliance:-

(1) Abolish (ideally) all Excise Duty on alcoholic drinks:

(2) Allow __Publicans__ to dictate whether or not they individually want to allow “smoking”, lap-dancers, food, strippers, “Ladies of the Night”,  football screens, children, music etc, in their own premises:

(3) Abolish ALL drink-driving/alcohol-blood-level legislation, and impose astonishingly large fines and/or prison sentences for injuring or killing someone while drunk in charge of a vehicle:

(4) Stop conflating deaths of drunk pedestrians into “drink-drive-deaths”:

You can’t do it by making “supermarket lager” more expensive. People who buy this won’t go to pubs anyway. Let Pubs make themselves more attractive and individual, remove the disabilities of mostly responsible drivers and smokers and enjoyers of social activity in groups, such as watching lap-dancers, eating burgers and chips, bear-bating and the like, and pubs will recover.

2 responses to “So that’s curtains for pubs then.

  1. Being a kindly fellow raised on Pooh Bear and Mr Toad I’ll just skip the bearbaiting, the poor bastards are about like us, all along for the Big Government ride and “consent” don’t enter in it! Properly speaking, the lapdancers being young aren’t up to free choice either and are mostly carried away by hormones, but at least they get some quids out of it for reefer and so on….

    (This from your NHS accidentally got into my mail today, Google and Microsoft is evidently screwing it ALL up:)


    Ms Donald Davis:

    You are being antisocial and a menace to the Professional Order, and if we are not mistaken this is Terrorism and Terroristic Threats. The intentionmal sarcasm we mean. Also, although this is not /yet/ illegal, insubordinate. The fines regimen you so willfully condemn is in fact a mandated necessary component of funding, for our proud British Credentialled Dependency & Addictions Treatment Community. What is your authority for vending a contrary opinion on these thorny professional matters? Are you being DELIBERATELY anti “multicultural,” or what? Are you anti-muslim? Please complete the attached Anti-semitism Assessment Protocal and return ASAP. Also send us your CV for immediate evaluation, along with your voluntary contributions to the masonry and the IDF. Upon completion you may/will be remanded into the custody of Drs Ignatz Toobe and Mahomet Sirdar Iqbal at NHS #47 Detention Hospital & Leprosarium, for your personalised course of helpful treatment. Together we can/will get you through this disorder of libertarian delusion and your racist objections to human difference, we are here to help you & cet.

    s/The Therapists

  2. You being David Davis aren’t off the hook yet and hadn’t better be too sanguine, remember Hitchcock’s North By Northwest!