Evil bastard bureaucrats

David Davis

This is what happens when you corrupt, into bureaucracy, people from the home of liberty. They become monstrous inversions of Good – far, far worse and far, far more evilly-motivated in subtle ways, than their counterparts from less institutionally-free nations.

One wonders what might have happened to the British Civil Service in 1940 had things gone another way. Enthusiastic collaboration, I have no doubt.

Here’s how Fido the Dog analyses the scumbag Nazis bureaucrats who ought to know better, h/t The Landed Underclass. Either Red Traitor Ted Heath liked us or he did not. I think not. It’s a moot point what he liked, except choirboys and himself.

One response to “Evil bastard bureaucrats

  1. Dave:

    Right first time.

    The (un)British system teaches Obedience to Authority. All and any authority — period.