I want one

David Davis

But I don’t have £2 million. Not even a bean.

Staggeringly pretty plane. But if I was to buy it, then….

…..shame about the tail-wheel, which spoils the line, but I can’t think how I’d get down without pranging the thing if it wasn’t there. The rear cockpit is an abomination, and will haver to go straight away: and it would be nicer proportions if the proper one was about a foot further back, and rather longer. Bit like the Tempest mk-V in fact. The rudder-fin look s a bit strange, someone has whittled it a bit. (Also I don’t go really for the gold bit around the exhaust-stacks, it’s a bit naff.)

One response to “I want one

  1. Dave:

    I own a Spitfire IIB…

    @100 UKP from Parkzone, with everythong you need to fly R/C in the box.

    For an extra 25, you can fit a 2.4 GHz colour video camera in the cockpit (atop a 180 degree servo if you like) which places you in the cockpit.

    Come here some time! I also have a 36″ rotor MD530 helicopter with perfectly-emulated rotorhead.