ZanuLieBorg Feminazis are sooooo obsessed with sex that ……

they think this. I must admit, I was a shocked on reading it as you clearly are right now. They must be Gramsco-Fabians after all. Pity.

It sort of doesn’t chime right….why should a brave new world prole, having been brought up on a compulsory primary-school diet of sexualisation packaged as “sex education”, ever  _need_   _yet one more_  orgasm, at the moment of giving birth, when her primary-school-teachers have taught her how to have, nay to demand one, every time she is shagged (with a condom of course, so hard cheese on the poor fella for net getting one himself.) 

Hat tip Mummylonglegs. I think this is the original infolink.

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One response to “ZanuLieBorg Feminazis are sooooo obsessed with sex that ……

  1. mummylonglegs

    My eyes nearly popped out of head when I first read this. For crying out loud I thought, if I didn’t have a profoundly sexual experience and screaming orgasm when I conceived the baby, how the hell am I supposed to have one delivering it. I still have visions of what may have happened had my hubby actually attempted to snog or fondle me whilst I was giving birth. Those kind of visions keep a Mummy amused in quieter moments.
    Mummy x